With Diva Las Vegas just 3 1/2 weeks away I thought traveling T girls might appreciate my recent wig case discovery.

The pictures below are of my wig on a 13 inch head to give you an idea of how much space there is inside the wig case. Use 18 inch head for long wigs and 13 or 15 for smaller heads. I purchased this size because I hate my old boxes that are only are only 12 inches tall. The hair gets smashed down when traveling and I have to puff up the top of the wig every time. Using a 13 or 15 inch head with the 21 inch wig box gives me plenty of room so the top stays looking great.

I also appreciate when checking into a hotel on one of my T Girl road trips not having bright pink boxes. These boxes look like regular luggage and don’t attract much attention.

Sometimes I ship my luggage ahead to the hotel and pack my wigs differently to save space. I put them in plastic boxes you can read about on another post of mine. That keeps them clean and untangled . When I arrive and unpack there are no Styrofoam heads so I use the closet hangers you can read about here. They hang in the closet out of the way and neatly styled.

I got mine from but you can also go to Dini direct at  . 

I ordered through Amazon but the boxes were shipped direct from Dini. 

The only drawback that I found with these wig cases is you have to keep them upright to avoid flattening. In a car that is easy but if you check them as luggage they might lay them down. If that happens the foam head can shift and the wig falls over. You can end up with one side of your wig flattened.

Wig Travel Box – 21 Inch – Purple/Black – With 15 Inch Styrofoam Head

(18″) and 15″ Head

Tall Wig Case
Dini 21 inch Wig Case





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