It has been dlv06smany years since I have been to any type of crossdressing event. Diva Las Vegas is different than those   rubber chicken dinners and endless recognition awards conventions. I have pondered Diva Las Vegas for some time because they say it is not like the conventions but rather a vacation. I have decided to  attend this year so I will know in about two weeks or April 1st.

It sounds like a lot of fun but will take some getting used to because it takes place all over town for a week. Diva management  has a texting system set up to keep everybody posted on events and changes. I like the idea that you can opt in or out of events leaving you time to do what you like. You can find out more at their website http://divalas.vegas/


I attended the event and had fun although I did not participate in many events. My BFF Ashley and I chose to only participate in a few events and went out on the town on our own. We crossed paths with other attendees the whole week who seemed to be enjoying themselves. Opting for high end dinners, golf in DRAB and shopping in DRAG.

We chose to stay at the Palazzo hotel which is awesome as was the rate we got for suites. The hotel staff was awesome and the close proximity to the strip was very convenient. I could spend hours in the suites bathroom loving the mirrors especially.

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