Here is one that the crossdresser ladies going to Diva Las Vegas might find interesting from the late Jo Ann Roberts about 20 years ago. It helps keep your wig from getting squashed while packed in your suitcase. All you need is a plastic shoe box from any Home Depot type store that sells closet organizing stuff.

Wig Box

Mine measure 14 x 8 x 4 but if you wanted to put two or more wigs into one box you could increase the size but, I would not recommend that.

Once you remove your wig from the head stand holding it from the hairline in one hand, place your other hand inside the wig to support it.

Remove Wig


Place a  kitchen trash bag over it so that one of the bottom corners of the bag is directly over the top of the wig.




Set the bag on a table or flat surface pulling your arm out carefully then curl the excess bag around itself gently letting the air out of the bag so it will fit in the shoe box.

Packed Wig


If done correctly when removed the wig will look just like it did when it was on the head stand. The box has sufficient room it it that the wig does not get crushed while traveling.

When you arrive at your destination remove the wig from the box and bag then and place it on a collapsible stand as pictured. Mine are wire but you can get plastic ones also. Another option is just to buy 1 quart sodas and place the wig over the bottle. Yet another would be to use wine bottles but then you have to hold the wig in one hand while drinking the wine with the other. We blondes have trouble doing that many things at once. especially in front of a mirror!

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