Fox Caitlyn Jenner Interview April 24th


Monday April 24th Caitlyn Jenner will be on the Tucker Carlson show at 8:00pm.

I will definitely  be watching both to see how Tucker approaches this subject on his inaugural show for this time slot and Caitlyns answers now that she is post op.

Caitlyn’s decision to transition is her business and I hope she finds happiness in life.

What concerns me is something she may not have any control over unless she specifically addresses it which, is her being a spokesperson or representative of the Transgender Community. This I fear is the easy route for the media because Caitlyn is definitely the most recognized Trans person in the world. Simply put her story is not everyone’s story that they conveniently list under the Transgender label. There are many of us with no interest in SRS and have put our dressing in a place where it is working for us. We are heterosexual crossdresser’s most married with family’s who dress one or two times a month and that is it. I hope they mention the different groups under that Transgender label.

I have seen many positive changes as a result of Caitlin’s going public one of which is a generally more acceptable feeling with the public. People seem to have a more accepting attitude towards me when I am dressed out in public. When transgender is the topic people are more positive aside from the women’s bathroom issue. Maybe they think we are all former Olympic Gold medalists? NOT!

If it was somehow up to me to decide who should be the official spokesperson for our community I can think of no better representative than Caitlyn Jenner. I might not agree with every position she may take but I think she is doing good things for us as a rule.

I will be watching Monday night and hope the interview has a positive impact on our community.

Micki Finn

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