Crossdresser photos are something that at one time or another we will all use. I have friends that are fanatics taking them what seems to be constantly. Phones are the most practical because we all have them and they are so convenient. A friend can take one for you or you can ask a stranger  to take it. If you are by yourself the length of your arm limits your distance from the camera. The selfie stick was pretty cool but you could only stand so far away because it must be held. This little gem below is the best crossdresser photos much better.



I discovered this little gem the other day and will be trying it out on my San Francisco outing soon. The remote is Bluetooth wireless and I will be testing how far away it will work.


I like the fact that it is compact and light weight while being machined from aluminum for durability. It is easy to use once the Bluetooth pairing is done and you can take pictures 20 feet away. Getting the it to focus from that distance so the image is not grainy is a problem though. I think the next time I will focus on a hard object near where I intend to stand.



This way instead of designing a 10 foot selfie stick I can take pictures from that distance with this remote. I love the way I look from 10 or 20 feet away.



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