Crossdresser Jewelry

If you are like me there have been many disappointing shopping excursions looking for crossdresser jewelry. Have you ever discovered an awesome bracelet only to find that it only comes in size 7 1/2 inch and won’t fit? Most crossdresers need  your 8 to 8 1/2 inch length to fit their wrist.

It got me to thinking how I could make bracelets that would fit a crossdressers wrist. It occurred to me that it might be easier to just buy a 7 1/2 bracelet and extend it. I knew Michael’s crafts stores could probably fix me up and the did with some rings and lobster claws did the trick.

G Braclett

The above women’s  bracelet was purchased on sale from Macy’s and I added a ring and lobster claw to make it  crossdresser jewelry.  I carefully pried the split ring open and ran it through the loose lobster claw then closing the ring again. Then I opened the existing lobster claw on the bracelet and clipped it to the ring I just installed on the other claw. The extension gives me almost a 1 inch extension.

You can also buy a bargain sale necklace and cut it into smaller pieces making two bracelets. An 18 inch necklace should make two 9 inch bracelets with room to spare.



These links were almost 1/8th inch so I had to break out the bolt cutters to split them

2 Braclett

The necklace yielded two 8 1/2 inch bracelets after adding the rings and lobster claws. In some cases you can just clip an additional lobster claw to the existing one to get the length. The added length gives us that little extra and it belongs in every crossdressers jewelry box




LOS ANGELES, CA – JULY 15: Honoree Caitlyn Jenner accepts the Arthur Ashe Courage Award onstage during The 2015 ESPYS at Microsoft Theater on July 15, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Caitlyn Jenner’s secrets

This post is a first for me in an attempt to review a book now online and in book stores. I found Caitlyn Jenner’s book authentic and believable but, am concerned about people generalizing who she is versus crossdresser’s. In my case a heterosexual crossdresser who dresses a couple of times per month. Married with children, grand children and all that. I know Caitlyn Jenner has many children but you need to read the book to learn about that.

The book gives a fascinating look into what goes on in someones mind versus their outward appearance. I remember in 1976 when Bruce Jenner won the Decathlon he was America’s hero and made his country proud. I am sure I am not alone in envying his looks and his life, the guy was a stud. Most guys were sure he was bedding different women 7 days a week especially when he went to Hollywood. Caitlyn sets the record straight with a very different account.The book has many other surprises based on my and other peoples assumptions about Bruce Jenner.

Growing up

We are the same age and grew up in the post WWII era but on different coasts. Being a crossdresser in those days was a very lonely existence because there was really nothing readily available on the topic. It was never discussed in school or church and nobody spoke of it. We were totally alone with our thoughts and desires. I never heard the term DRAG QUEEN until I was 22 which, was about the time I read something about a Transvestite in a magazine.

She explains in the book pretty much what we all went through as most crossdresser’s. Starting at an early age with Mom’s stuff and in her case an older sister in her teenage years. The guilt, shame and self loathing she describes are a familiar story for many of us. We were raised by men who fought in WWII just a few years before and survived it’s horrors. They were tough and expected the same of those they fathered, coached and mentored teaching us to be men. We could never bear their disgust and being thought of as a sissy. It is one thing to self loath but quit another to experience being loathed by someone you loved and respected.

Crosdresser no more

Caitlin’s Jenner’s decision to start her transition to become the woman she feels she needed to be is where the similarity ends. Although much of what Bruce Jenner did through the years parallels most crossdressers experience the decision to become CailtlynJenner is where it ends. Most crossdressers don’t have desires like hers and are content to manage their urges to dress like women.

I hope that people understand the difference between the two groups especially loved ones of crossdrerssers such as wives, children, girlfriends, parents and friends. Crossdressing does not necessarily lead to a sex change. The majority of cross dresser’s live normal lives indulging their desire to dress in women’s clothing part time.

I recommend the Caitlyn Jenner book to anyone interested in crossdressing or sex reassignment surgery. It is a well written interesting story and enjoyable read especially if you think she is trying to be the spokesperson for all trans people. She takes some heat on that label given to her by the media.