If you are like me there have been many disappointing shopping excursions where you have discovered an awesome bracelet only to find that it only comes in size 7 1/2 inch and won’t fit your 8 to 8 1/2 inch wrist. It got me to thinking how I could make bracelets that would fit a crossdressers wrist which is not exactly easy. Through that process it occurred to me that it might be easier to just buy a 7 1/2 bracelet and extend it. I knew Michael’s crafts stores could probably fix me up and the did with some rings and lobster claws did the trick.

G Braclett

The above bracelet was purchased on sale from Macy’s and I added a ring and lobster claw to make it fit.

You can also buy a bargain necklace and cut it into smaller pieces making two bracelets.


These links were almost 1/8th inch so I had to break out the bolt cutters to split them

2 Braclett

The necklace yielded two 8 1/2 inch bracelets after adding the rings and lobster claws. In some cases you can just clip an additional lobster claw to the existing one to get the length you need.



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