Crossdresser Makeup finished by Micki Finn


Makeup is the number one area of interest to crossdresser’s whether they are just starting out or have been at it for a while. I am not a big fan of trying to pass because I don’t think it is achievable for most of us. One thing is for sure though without it you have no chance of passing. After a bit of work I have updated the Crossdresser Makeup page with more detailed instruction and new pictures. I hope the illustrations and procedure make sense to you. I am attempting to give the reader more of a step by step tutorial along with product pictures.


My procedure has sped up my makeup time considerably by simplifying the process. It emphasizes doing the areas that are the most difficult first. The eyes have the most detail with multiple different products and techniques applied in a confined area.  Doing them first allows you to make corrections without screwing up your foundation or contouring.


  1. Always look forward to your next article.. u are so correct .. makeup is key…. when I first started..I was unaware of the endless possibilities make-up provides. along the years..I’ve gained some experience and disguised male features, through contouring etc.. But, I’m constantly finding ways to evolve..since, I’m about 7 yrs in.. I appreciate your extensive years of writing. Thanx,

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