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Crossdresser Wives

Wives are a blessing for many of us crossdrssers lucky enough to have one willing to attempt to understand us. It is not an easy task but so much appreciated to be sure. More on CROSSDRESSER WIVES page.

This being February let me say a big


I have had the pleasure of knowing some wives personally and observed them in action helping their husbands. They take the pressure out of difficult things for crossdressers to do. Buying clothing, hosiery, under garments, and wigs are simple for her. Embarrassing and nerve racking for him especially if he is trying to figure out what to buy.

There is a lot more to a successful marriage than shopping for your crossdresser husband or having a wife that will do it.  Having one that will help you though is priceless and husbands appreciate it a great deal.

I shop for myself mostly these days but the lessons I learned are what has given me the confidence to do it correctly. It wasn’t always that way and I shudder to think what that sales lady was thinking when she checked me out.  Little things like if that bra is for him he’ll be back tomorrow because it is too small. That wig color is going to look terrible on him.

I have wasted a ton of money learning the hard way like the short wig experiment that looked like a hairy kids football helmet on a giant. Then there was the sexy jet black Page Boy wig that made me look like Dracula with my pale skin. The slinky tight sheath dress that made me look like a Shar-pei  dog in DRAG was a winner also. Then there was my Geisha look when my foundation was 10 shades too light and Godzilla followed me home.

I have made my point!

Thank you Ladies!


  1. Micki,

    It has been been enlightening for me, the last couple of years…to run into couples fortunate as yourself. As, I was not bold/strong enough, to share “secret” with last GF. This article and the intricacies of the Marital support you have undergone, is educational and good reading. I have met other Ladies, which had the unfortunate outcome, of a separation/divorce, when they decided to share their “secret” with their wife at the time. These stories and others’ experiences, have been invaluable,,, real life learning. Which, I hope help me make the right decision and help me step up to the plate, the next time I enter a serious relationship. As, I’m aware She deserves to know the truth, before the decision of a life-long commitment can be made.

    Inspirational, to say the least! ( ;
    Thank you,

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