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Fake fingernails are a must for crossdressers and they can easily be bought on line or in most drug stores. Size can be a problem as they are designed for women who have much smaller nails. Some of the prepackaged nails will fit but thumbs usually don’t. My solution is to but unpainted nails in my size form Talon Nails and shape them myself.


A couple of years ago I started experimenting with doing nails in a French Manicure style. It takes more work than just cutting, shaping and painting fake nails but is worth the effort.

Crossdresser Fake Fingernails

The process is the same as the one detailed on my CROSSDRESSER FAKE FINGERNAILS page. The big difference is when you paint the fake nails it will be with a French Manicure polish designed to look like your natural nails.

crossdresser Fake Fingernails

On the nails above I painted 3 coats of the polish on the right using my nail wheel.

Crossdresser French Manicure

I let the Polish dry overnight and then mask off the section of the nail I will paint white the next day.

Crossdresser French Nail Manicure
Crossdresser French Manicure

Because I will be using an airbrush to paint the tips I need to mask off the back part of the nail. The masking strips are available at most any beauty supply or of course Amazon.

Now its time to fire up the compressor and get to work on the tips. I use the white tip paint mixed with nail polish thinner 50/50 so it will spray easier. I tried brushing the white tips on but, it was always too think. The fake nails did not look natural like you see women wearing on the street.

Crossdresser French Manicure

I let the paint dry overnight and then remove the masking the next day.

After letting the dry another 24 hours I put two coats of Orly topcoat on and i am all done.

I bought my airbrush equipment from Amazon and the compressor from Harbor Freight.

Crossdresser French manicure


Micki Finn


  1. Never thought of using contact cement!! Cannot wait to try it. this sissy buys nail supplies at A box of 500 very high quality nails in 10 sizes costs $2.25 plus $1.63 shipping. They have EVERYTHING for nail care: Cuticle oil, trimmers, files of all kinds, etc, etc. They also have pre-colored nails, but never have tried them. Go to and enter the following: nail-tips-500-pcs Once there, look around for all the other stuff. It’s pretty amazing!!! Thank you for all the great tips, Ms Finn. Most gratefully, riki sewell

  2. Hi Girl,

    Just put on some pink nails using 2x sided tape. These work ‘pretty well’ but not perfect. I really would like to try the rubber cement too. I think it will work quite well. We girls always want to look out best. I love your look, so feminine.

    1. Hi Pammy,

      Thank you for your compliments. I wanted to make sure that yo were aware that it is contact cement not rubber cement which I have not worked with.


      Micki Finn

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