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Crossdressing beginner is a just added a new page that is designed for the person with absolutely no crossdressing experience. It occurred to me that depending on one’s upbringing they might have no clue how to start crossdressing. CROSSDRESSING BEGINNER hopes to give the reader a basic understanding of what is involved starting with evaluating the body they have. There are 6 stages to the evaluation which explain the importance of each one. I have included excerpts from each step to give you a better idea what they contain.


Crossdressing beginner

  • The biggest problem crossdressing beginner men have to deal with is the face which is what people spend the most time looking at. Just coating it with makeup does not accomplish anything unless it is done properly.


  • The darker the hair the harder it is to cover requiring heavier base makeup to cover.

3. BODY 

  • The body you have also dictates what kind of female shape you can get because you need to add padding for hips and breasts. Doing this right saves not only lots of money but time also.


  • I don’t know any crossdressing beginner who starts out wanting to dress like their grandmother, but I suppose it’s possible. Your age plus or minus a decade is a good rule of thumb unless you are a fetish dresser in which case there are no rules.


  • Choosing a wig is right up there with the face in importance because it’s one of the first things people are going to notice about you.


  • The makeup foundation product matched to your smooth skin (true foundation) gives you a great base to start the pretty process.

The CROSSDRESSING BEGINNER page will give the new crossdressering beginner some things to consider before making decisions on how to go about starting to crossdress.

The other pages on the site will further their understanding and knowledge helping them to put their best female presentation.

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  1. Hello Micki, from Raquel ( :
    I enjoyed this post. which, is essential to anyone exploring make up. I’d like to contribute to the message, as a supplement. Both of your posts are highly detailed/informative. This one and “CD Makeup”. However, I wanted to mention as a recommendation for some, (whomever has stubble, beard, stache area, after a shave), I’d recommend color correcting. Since, most videos are transformative, for the Female face, this step is overlooked, respectively. To eliminate the stubble being visible underneath foundation, I’d recommend Mac’s highlighting markers.!/shade/Peach_Lustre I use peach lustre, after applying moisturizer. The “orange-ish” color will neutralize the grayish tone, that stubble creates, when not color corrected, before applying foundation. (considering you have dark stubble/black). Then after corrector marker dries (applied beard area), then a cream full coverage foundation, can be applied over the color corrector. My choice foundation is also Mac FULL COVERAGE cream. but, preferably Kryolan – cream -sticks, which are easy to use for contouring. (you can chose 3 sticks, base/contour/highlight, easy to use/carry when traveling)


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