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Crossdressing wigs are probably the most important item purchased by men seeking to look like a woman. Selecting the right one for you will make a world of difference when you are out and about in public. Its not that the correct wig will make you passable its that without it you will stand out from the crowd. Even if you pass people will still notice and say BAD WIG!

A good wig will compliment your face and many times your overall look. If you are older and have pronounced wrinkles and saggy skin straight wigs can accentuate them. If you are light skinned and wear a dark colored straight wig it will make them more pronounced. Shorter wigs with in lighter colors with waves, curls, or feathered styles are more complimentary for older ladies. I fought it for decades but finally made the change once I found the style for me.


Trust me on this one you won’t be the first crossdresser to call a wig store and make an appointment. When buying your wig it is best to go in dressed as a woman if your makeup is correct. The wig and makeup should be compatible so they will work together making you look your best. If your not confident in your makeup go to the appointment as a guy without it. Because at least the wig stylist will be able to see your natural skin tone. They will also help you select the most complimentary wig style for your face shape which is important. Then once you get your makeup correct for your skin tone the wig will work.

If Diva Las Vegas happens this year 10/27 to 11/1 you can accomplish wig and makeup in Las Vegas a lot less awkwardly. The Diva people help with appointments at local stores for those attending the event.

I currently own about 12 crossdressing wigs after giving away about 20 to a women’s cancer charity a couple of years ago. All are in shades that compliment my skin tones and are shorter with one exception. They are all from Godiva’s Secret Wigs and are their own line of wigs. I like the quality, colors, style along with the short time it takes me to style them. I am wearing on called Trixie in the picture below right. The wig  was just washed, shaken, then styled with my fingernails.

crossdressing wig


The picture also is a good illustration for a crossdressers wig selection because of the three different people and styles. Tonya on the left prefers shorter wigs piled high with curls and the dark brown color goes well with her skin tones. Erica in the center is wearing a straight black style and the color matches her natural hair color complimenting her skin tone. Erica got it right where others get it wrong because her long straight style has height and is parted on the side.


The #1 mistake I see all the time with this style is crossdresser’s pull a new wig out of the box and plop it on their head then walk out the door. Out of the box the wig is flat as a pancake and typically parted down the middle. Always give the wig a couple of hard shakes when you take a new wig out of the box. After that gently brush it from front to back a couple of times. You can also use a comb to lift the permatease that is located at the base of the hair.


I recommend watching this video from TAZSWIGCLOSET which is where I get a lot of good wig info. She goes through the whole process of opening a new wig. One difference between her and other wig experts I have seen is she wears one everyday so she is a bit more passionate about wigs I feel.

Pictured on the right is me in my Trixie wig. I moved the part to one side which is against the grain (permatease) so to speak making the hair stand higher. It also gives a softer look with the hair separating on top. I washed the wig last week letting it dry in the shower then when dry turned it inside out. Placed it in a plastic bag inside one of my purses in the suitcase. I pulled it out in the hotel room, shook it 3 times the combed it from front to back a couple of times then put it on. Then adjusted the part then styled with my nails adding a light spray to keep the part in place and I was off to dinner.

Take your time when choosing a wig and get it right the first time.





  1. OMG, what a lovely PIC. Nice back drop. Creative positioning with the Super HUGE Chair.! You Ladies are very photogenic! Great Shot.

  2. It is always a treat to get a message from Ms Finn. Always some images of one or more Lovely Ladies. This one, on wigs, is most timely, as I am about to invest in a good quality wig. Thank You, most gratefully, riki

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