Crossdresser makeup tips are something we all find helpful no matter how long you have been at it.  My last trip to Las Vegas I tried two new items recently purchased online to improve my appearance. One of the problems that I have experienced when out and about is my lipstick smears. Its because the mask rubs against it when you speak. Even if you are alone when you go to the hostess in the restaurant or the sales clerk in the store you end up talking to them. The mask rubs against your mouth and smears your lipstick. I use Butter London lipsticks which have passed the pizza test. It stays on all night so this problem was really pissing me off.


After searching online I saw one of the 4ocean commercials that sells the bracelets made form ocean plastic pollution. They are now making a plastic frame that attaches to the inside of your mask and it worked perfectly. It shelters your face from the mask keeping everything away from your lips. I wore one everywhere I went in Las Vegas conversing with Ashley as we walked through the casinos and the mall never needing a touch up. Its not really a crossdresser makeup tip but it will save your makeup.

Crossdresser makeup tips

Crossdresser makeup tips









Here is a link to the frames. 4 Ocean


I have had for decades a problem with my false eyelashes. It has only gotten worse since I have advanced in years and my vision isn’t what it used to be. I have struggled with false eyelashes and have gotten much better at it in recent years but the glue is a hassle. A few years ago my wife bought me some magnetic eyelashes that you placed the upper on your lash then placed the lower one directly underneath. The magnets on each lash clicked together holding them in place. Never mastered it and went back to glue on.

I found some magnetic eyelashes on Amazon that only uses one lash with magnetic eyeliner. They were only $9.99 for 5 pairs with the magnetic eyeliner so for the price figured I would give them a shot.


Crossdresser makeup tips

Crossdresser makeup tipsCrossdresser makeup tips

These things worked great right off the bat and I had no problems using the same pair 4 nights in a row. I used the set second from the top of the package and got a compliment from the MAC makeup artist. I have heard complaints online about the corners not sticking but figured out what people were doing wrong. Here is the crossdresser makeup tip you need to follow.

You have to shake the liner bottle well so the magnetic particles don’t settle at the bottom. Then don’t be stingy with the liner and make sure you don’t spread it too thin so you get particles everywhere. I do my eye makeup 1st before anything else so after all the shadow I cleaned the area just above my lash then applied the magnetic liner. Then I moved on to foundation, contouring, and lipstick before returning for the lashes. When I placed them on my lashes I was not happy with the alignment so I pulled them off and reapplied several times until satisfied. It worked perfect and they stayed in place all day and night. One of the nights I put the liner on before the eye shadow. I wanted to see if the lashes would stick through the powder and they didn’t. I applied another coat of liner on top soaking through the powder and when dry it worked perfect

It shaved about a half hour off of my time getting ready and I am sold on them.


Removing the magnetic eyeliner can be a hassle I read so I did not bother with what they provided. I went to Sephora and asked the artist if he had anything that works well to remove the liner. It turns out her recommended Sephora’s own line which was inexpensive and worked perfect with a saturated cotton ball. I soaked the ball and rested it against my eye after removing the lashes. In a few seconds most of it was gone and with gentle wiping in a minute or so my eyes were clean. It is a two part formula so you must make sure to SHAKE IT VERY WELL in order for it to work properly.


Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

Crossdresser makeup tips














  1. The magnetic lashes/eyeliner combination has made life so much easier. Never could master either glue or two part magnetic lashes. As Micki states: SHAKE WELL!!

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