Crossdressing in public is much more common now than years ago when I started and my comfort level has increased significantly. In the old days sunglasses were a must and you always hurried everywhere thinking it was harder to hit a moving target. You spoke in whispered tones if you spoke at all trying to avoid attention. Fast forward to 2021 and crossdressing in public is a whole different world. My girlfriends and their wives from CHIC pretty much go everywhere we want in Long Beach from burger joints to high end venues with no issues. Its been a long road but I am making up for lost time now adding daytime shopping to my crossdressing weekends.



I was in Long Beach for the March CHIC meeting and went out to shop and visit my seamstress passing on the pedicure this trip. Once again shopping was a total bust and I came away empty handed but the seamstress visit was another story. During the COVID shutdown I never stopped shopping just because I could not go out. What resulted was a large cache of stuff needing alterations so that was my mission this trip. I wore faded jeans and a leather jacket along with 2 inch heel thongs in addition to a brown wig so I would not stand out. Crossdressing in public during the day is much different than the evening because the light is more telling and you encounter more people.

My seamstress greeted me as I walked in with 5 skirts and a jacket walking immediately into the dressing room about 10 feet inside her shop. I changed into a jacket and one of the skirts and came back out for the fitting. I then repeated the process with the other skirts leaving the jacket on until finished with all the skirts. Between skirts 4 and 5 while in the dressing room I heard some guys enter the store with one doing all the talking. He was very jovial and joked with the others along with the seamstress, trying to coax her into sewing a patch on his vest while he waited. She told him she was too busy right now to which I silently said YEAH! then he said I’ll give you an extra $20.00. Things got quiet after that and I assumed they left so I came out of the dressing room wearing the orange skirt with the black top and tan heels. That’s when I met the guys from the motorcycle club/gang standing in front of me smiling and looking back. I did not know if it was an Oh Boy! we’re going to kill you smile or they needed glasses. The loud one said hello and I responded with my softest hello without sounding obvious. As I looked over at the seamstress yep! she was sewing the patch on for him and I was relieved once I saw the vest. It was like the ones Hell’s Angels wear but the rocker on the top said something different meaning they might not be killers. I turned to face the mirror as she handed the vest to him and our eyes met, he told me that I looked beautiful in that dress. I thanked him with as neutral a voice as I could muster. NO I DID NOT TELL HIM IT WAS A SKIRT AND JACKET NOT A DRESS! We were on good terms so far and I did not want that to change. I gave them time to leave the area then got in my car and left myself.




So what did I learn from my encounter? Don’t be afraid just because you run into a motorcycle gang when you are dressed like a women. They might not see or hear well enough to figure out you are a guy dressed as a woman like these guys were.



crossdressed in public

Six of my CHIC friends and I met for dinner Friday night at one of our favorite restaurants. I really needed my Cosmo or more accurately Cosmo’s after my seamstress / biker adventure. My wife tells me I wear too much black so I decided to ditch it that night and opted for a navy jacket with a new navy multi skirt .

The wig in the picture is new also and I love it. Similar to my others but much more hair and a bit longer. It looks white in the picture because of the flash but it is actually a frosted brown color.

Can’t wait to see what adventures my April trip will have for me.





  1. Hi Micki,
    Thank you for another wonderful article on crossdressing in public. It sounds like you had a great time out and about recently. On top of that, you even had a run in with a biker gang and you managed to make it through the encounter unscathed, lol. What a joy it must be to spend time with your friends and also be proactive about dressing up. The photo you posted in your article is quite lovely as well. You really seem to be able to pull it off convincingly and you do it in a healthy, positive and affirmative way.


    1. Hi Janet,

      Thank you for your kind words and support. The pictures came out much better than normal and required minimal touch up. It must have been the lighting in addition to the photographer Tonya.



  2. Hi, Mikki.
    I loved the post. Yes, things can ‘go sideways’ occasionally. It is always best to just play it cool and be an astute observer of the persons in the scene.
    For those who have not read Femulate, here is an adventure Stana allowed me to post on her site. Unfortunately, I have had few opportunities to go ‘enfemme’ since the Covid arrived.

    Velma in NC

  3. Great article. I dressed in private for many years and then I met a great woman who encouraged me to dress. She broke the ice when in a Fredericks store and in full voice asked a sales lady for a matching bra and panty set we saw in the window. The lady asked what size and my wife blurted out, “what do you think His size would be. The sales lady was awesome and helped. For years i got more and more bold. She passed 4 years ago and I started going back to dressing only around the house and realized she wouldnt be happy that I was going backwards. A few months ago I bought a motorcycle and a few weeks ago I got dressed inskirt and blouse and wore my boobs and went for a ride. My long red haid showed under my helmet and I enjoyed my ride. # days ago I decided to ride in the daytime. I say all of this to show its okay and gurls emember we arent hurting anyone so go out and enjoy

  4. Oh my God Mikie great color on you and I love the outfit thanks for the encouraging story girl

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