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Crossdresser photo’s are very popular with some crossdresser’s and avoided by others. I was one who resisted them until I launched my blog which pretty much requires them to get any interest. Because of my lack of enthusiasm for pictures I never developed good skills in taking them shooting many to yield a few good ones. One big problem with my crossdresser photo’s attempts was lighting and focus especially with my iPhone. Most pictures came out grainy at night unless I used the flash indoors. I was told that the iPhone had a feature that automatically makes decisions on lighting. I bought a small camera to haul around with me which was better but a hassle to carry around just for a few crossdresser photo’s.

By chance I received an e-mail announcing the iPhone 13 with 3 versions to choose from. The iPhone 13 pro grabbed my attention because of the new camera that:

Reveals more detail in dark areas.

Captures 47% more light.

Optical image stabilization for better photo’s.

crossdresser photo's

I took the bait and ordered the 13 pro hoping for better crossdresser photo’s. The picture below was taken with flash indoors in elevator lobby of my hotel.

crossdresser photo's

I’m standing in front of a mirror that takes up the entire wall with two recessed lights above. I have done this before but discarded the crossdresser photo’s because of poor lighting and grainy detail. Every picture I took with the iPhone 13 Plus came out just like this one clear and sharp.

I’m still playing with the phone discovering other cool stuff but what was immediately noticeable was the battery life. It’s incredible much, much, better than my previous model iPhone. The only downside at this point is my Amazon Music does not work in the car until Apple fixes the bug in the operating system.

I’m looking forward to taking crossdresser photo’s at DIVA Las Vegas the end of this month.







Crossdresser accessories are where the fun begins for me because I like to experiment. I like to think of my dressing style as classic but I am also trying new things to see how I like the look. Eyelashes are great crossdresser accessories for putting some glam in your style for the night and my latest discovery I am in love with. I bought my first pack of magnetic eyelashes as an experiment about 9 moths ago. I had used the Ardell glue on lashes for decades but never mastered the technique for putting them on. So I tried some magnetic ones and liked them right away. I did not care for the assortment though because half of them are too radical for my conservative style. About 6 months ago I discovered a 7 set package for around $10.00 on Amazon and a company called GXO BEAUTY. These were great for day to evening crossdresser accessories and thankfully I bought more before they ran out of stock. I don’t know if they will ever be back so I went on the hunt again.


crossdresser accessories

Not one to wait and see I went back to Amazon searching for a replacement with all one style instead of the assortment. It wasn’t long before I found something even better although a little more expensive with 2 fewer pairs. They are a different crossdresser accessory more on the glamorous side and they look so pretty on. I especially like the way they taper from the inside getting longer as the go to the outside of the eye. The Arishine magnetic lashes

crossdresser accessories


Jewelry accessories are a mainstay of every woman’s closet and are used to define her look for the day. Finding jewelry off the rack for crossdresser accessories can be a challenge. It can be done though with a little work and an imagination. Pictured below are two necklaces I bought on sale along with some needle nose pliers and lobster clasps. My intention was to make a larger necklace to fit me along with a bracelet and some earrings. It takes two of each style necklace in order to have enough links to make all three items.

crossdresser jewelry

I always end up making changes along the way like with the blue and gold set below. I decided to dump the bracelet idea with this project because the links are not very strong. This is sometimes an issue when converting necklaces because they are designed to be worn around the neck. Weight is a concern so they are sometimes made light to be more comfortable. There isn’t much chance they will snag on something and break. This necklace was designed to look heavy but the backs are hollowed out to make them lighter. Odds are I would be lucky to get a couple of wearings out of it before noticing it fell off somewhere.

crossdresser jewelry

I had better luck with the silver necklace below which was heavier material so I could make all three items. The bad news is that the earrings are too heavy and I will look like Dumbo by the end of the night.

crossdresser jewelrey

I have not made up my mind yet what to do with this set which I am probably not going to wear. Possibly I will just toss it into my jewelry making box and incorporate the links into a future project. I never stop looking for closeout sales on jewelry and can pick some of it up for about $10.00 per necklace. I buy the earring hooks and lobster caws at Michael’s craft store in person or on Amazon online.










Crossdressing safety should be a top priority when going out in public especially if you venture out alone. Things are far better today than decades ago. However the world will never run out of A-Holes so always be careful. Friday night I was going out to dinner in Long beach by myself so I picked a restaurant that I know the owner and most of the staff. I always use UBER for my transportation for both my crossdresser safety and avoiding a DUI. I do love my Cosmo’s and Friday was no exception both during and after dinner. The place I went has a piano player so I sat at the bar listening to the music after dinner. The couple seated down the bar started talking with me and we chatted for a while. They invited me to go to another bar down the street with one of the servers I knew. In the interest of crossdressing safety I declined but they were persuasive so I agreed to go for just one drink. You guessed it that turned into two and I was feeling no pain. I did not finish the second drink thanked them for their generosity and headed for my hotel. Even though I deviated from my normal crossdressing safety rules I knew the area I was in. It was only two blocks to the hotel through a very busy entertainment area called Pine Ave. The police heavily patrol the area to keep a lid on things so I felt safe. I walked quickly past everyone and reached the hotel in a couple of minutes safe and called it a night. If I had it to do over again I think I would politely decline the offer and call UBER.


crossdressing saftey


I paired my new black jacket from CHICO’s with a favorite red skirt. Really like the jacket which is made from a heavy material that conforms to your body when you wear it.

Saturday night was our monthly CHIC dinner and crossdressing safety was no problem at all because the restaurant was across the street from my hotel. MY BFF Ashley gave me a ride to the restaurant so I only had to walk back across the street to my hotel after the dinner. I was a good girl Saturday and limited my drinks to three for the whole night and was back at the hotel by 11PM.  Some of the other members invited me to join them at the Irish Pub two blocks away but I steadfastly refused. I did offer to have one more at my hotel bar but they were set on the pub so we said good night.


crossdressing safety

It turned out to be a very wise move because I would have walked back from the pub barefoot. My wife is always telling me to wear something other than black all the time. I went through my closet and dug out my cream colored jacket. I’ve had it for a couple of years but it was an impulse buy and I never had a plan for it. I paired it with a copper mix skirt and bone pumps that perfectly matched the jacket along with a bone purse. I received a lot of compliments and my wife is pleased I ventured out with no black on. The barefoot part comes in with the pumps because I have not worn them in quite a few years. I checked the heel tips which were worn but still looked to have a bit of life left on them. Not so! The first one broke off in the restaurant and the second when I crossed the street to the hotel. I never heard of anybody breaking two heels on the same night but I did it. Fortunately I have extra tips and am an expert at replacing them.





Crossdressing adventures in the late 1990’s were becoming more frequent for me once I joined the crossdressing club CHIC. Some of the meetings/party’s were at members homes and were very popular with almost all members attending. CHIC member wives came to the home party’s because they were considered safer than going to public restaurants. One of the wives fears was that if someone recognized her they would soon notice who she was with outing the husband. My wife had no interest in attending in the beginning but was fine with me going. She only requested that I stay the night in a hotel as close to the party as possible. I agreed and found hotels close by that were secure and allowed me to go in and out with minimal exposure to the public.


Finding a Residence Inn by Marriott near Jo Ann’s house where many of the party’s were held. Especially pool party’s in the summer. It was pretty much surrounded buy commercial Monday thru Friday businesses that closed on Saturday. A freeway behind so the only people around on weekends were at the other hotels on the same street. The Marriott was at the end of the street and had one building in the back by the freeway separated from the main facility. It was usually empty because they filled from front to back of the hotel by the pool and other amenities. PERFECT!!!!! I always requested a ground floor room in that building so I did not get complaints about walking late at night in high heels. I backed the car in so it was a short walk so I could leave quickly if I encountered someone. It was a favorite spot for a couple of years and worked out perfect. I could even get an early check in because they were not busy on weekends giving me much needed time to get ready.


Then I had a crossdressing adventure like never before. After a fun night with friends at Jo Ann’s house at a January meeting things wound down and I said my goodbyes. Taking the least traveled route back to the hotel it was time to turn left onto the street my hotel was on. To my surprise the street was full of police with lights flashing and people sitting on the curb in handcuffs.




Flashed through my mind while I continued straight down the road without turning. Possible alternatives flashed through my mind but were quickly dismissed because there was still only one way into the hotel. The only feasible alternative was to go into the industrial complex the other side of the fence from my room. It would require me to scale a small fence in a dress and high heels. Police noticing a woman climbing a fence in an industrial park at midnight on a Saturday night. Not good!

Crossdressing adventures

Not thinking I could pull that one off I thought maybe I could just drive through the police area. I thought possibly they would just wave this nice lady on her way. Wondering what would happen if they stopped me to inquire where I was headed down a dead end street. Albeit at midnight on a Saturday night. Thinking this was not the time to create a believable female voice I had never practiced. Especially given the fact I had been drinking that night I dismissed it also.


I thought about just driving up making no attempt to fool anyone show my room key and hope they would let me through. Today not so much a problem but in the the late 1990’s they might be very curious what I was up to and ask lots of questions so I dismissed that one also. I was not good at getting ready in those days and had girly stuff all over the room. If they escorted me to my room I was sure they would think it was a violent crime seen. So on I drove for hours making loops down this freeway to another then another. Then circling back to the hotel.

Cop’s were still there every time and I remember thinking that Al Capone was convicted and sentenced in less time than this. I even thought about calling in a bomb scare momentarily figuring they would have leave and go to it. But then I thought they might only send half the cops so I would still have my problem. All this on top of the fact that I had to pee in a big way.

Crossdressing adventures

Finally after about 2 hours I returned and found the street empty and drove to my room. Then immediately went to the bathroom and almost passed out from relief then cleaned up and went to bed. I only slept for about 5 hours and got up. I cleaned up the crime scene packed and went home. Once home I got to explain to my wife that the reason I was so tired. Because I was up late dealing with the cops!

Kinda true right?

She had a good laugh and asked what I didn’t just explain everything to them.

Thank God for UBER I wish they had them back then.

I use UBER now every where I go when dressed.





Crossdresser style varies greatly in our community and reflects differing tastes depending on motivations along with the occasion. Motivation we all are familiar with based on each one of our internal driving forces. Style in my opinion over the years is connected to puberty to some degree. In my case while I became fascinated with women’s clothing around 6 or 7 years old I did not understand why so just looked and liked. I never heard of a crossdresser and did not know I was one so I had no crossdresser style. That all changed when I matured and took a greater interest in women. I say women because I was more attracted to a well dressed lady than a girl who dressed her age. In those days virtually all women who worked wore nylons and high heels so there was much to look at. My crossdresser style is based on that period which fortunately blends with today’s fashions.

crossdresser style























The above picture was taken last Friday night wearing a blouse from White House Black Market with a gray skirt. The pumps are 3 1/2 inch and the whole outfit could have been worn to work in the 1960’s. When shopping I look for classic looks that will always be in style. Its very cost effective to be able to wear your clothes for years so I tend to spend more on quality items for my crossdresser style. Friday night we were going to a new restaurant in a conservative neighborhood with a jazz club in the bar. I have been there dressed as Duke before but never Micki so I chose my outfit not wanting to stand out. We had a great time and were very well accepted.

crossdresser style

Saturday night we were going to a familiar restaurant and our group was small enough that we could fit into a private room. I am very comfortable there so I wore a red jacket, navy skirt, and navy pumps. Both the skirt and pumps are classic but the jacket with zipper accents is newer however, the jackets classic cut I think will be in fashion years from now.


DIVA LAS VEGAS is just 10 weeks away and all kinds of crossdresser styles will be on display there. Everything from trashy, to flashy, to conservative all will be there. Crossdresser style based on fetish will most likely be there also but I don’t know if puberty influences fetish desires. I have noticed that fetish dressers don’t seem to be restricted by there age. They tend to wear what the want where they want. That pretty much fits with modern day Las Vegas so I don’t expect to run into and conservative fetish dressers.

The important thing is to have fun in Las Vegas and I am sure all will regardless how they are dressed.









Crossdressing adventures are a fun part of my crossdressing journey although some were not fun at the time. I decided to do a series of posts because I have quite a few new to launch crossdresser’s following this blog that I think will enjoy them. Some are young and others just late getting started.

Crossdresser Adventures


Back in the early 1990’s long before I discovered CHIC and after constantly prodding my wife for several years she agreed to accompany me to my 1st crossdresser convention. She was O.K. with it because we new nobody in Texas so getting caught was a very low possibility. I meticulously planned the trip 1st registering for the Texas “T” Party then booking the hotel which I believe was the 7 Oaks on Old Austin Highway (more later) in San Antonio Texas. I then booked the airline tickets from Los Angeles to Austin for the convention. This was early internet days with nothing offered like today so I kept paper copies of all my travel information in a folder in my briefcase. We planned to arrive early Friday afternoon then drive to the hotel so I could start getting ready. We figured two days would be enough for our first time crossdressing journey.

Everything was on schedule and we arrived on time, got the rental car and headed for the hotel. I gave my wife the map and told her to locate the 410 Loop which would take us to the hotel. She could not find it after repeated attempts so frustrated I pulled over to do it myself. To my amazement I could not find it either which just never happens! I broke out the folder to get my travel documents in my briefcase and AHA! the mystery was solved. We were in the wrong city 75 miles from the convention. After booking the hotel on the Austin highway I called and made the flight reservation with Austin fresh in my head. I then booked the flight to Austin instead of San Antonio where the convention was. So it was Micki the road warrior through the Texas Hill Country to San Antonio.

crossdressing adventure


Behind schedule we arrived at the hotel in San Antonio, checked in and went to our room to get ready for our crossdressing adventure.

We missed the Friday night cocktails and dinner but got to the lobby shortly after. Walking down the hall of the hotel my wife asked me if I had been out in public like this before. I was dressed as a woman so took the liberty of answering like a woman with a question. I said why do you ask? To witch she answered, you walk very well in heels and are not the least bit nervous. BUSTED! Then she said slow down, point your toes and put your shoulder back.

We had drinks in the bar chatting with some other folks there and retired about midnight. Saturday we shopped in the vendor area and my wife attended a seminar for wives in the afternoon. In those days nobody left the safety of the hotel congregating in the bar or vendor area instead. Having said that the 9 hole golf course on the property was closed for the season but they opened just for the “T” party tournament.

Saturday nights dinner was both a welcome and a farewell for us having missed Friday nights fun. Saturday night was dressy with formal gowns, cocktail dresses and tailored suits. After dinner they had the usual awards for this and that in the community followed by the golf tournament winners. Yes they wore ladies golf attire and played from the ladies tees. Then everyone was off to the bar for dancing and more drinks until the wee hours.


The TEXAS “T” PARTY was truly a crossdressing adventure and had a tradition of the Sunday farewell breakfast that was not really an official event. It was where everyone hung out all morning watching people walk in and tried to figure out who they were last night. It was great fun inspecting everyone up and down trying to place them the previous night. My wife and the others at out table were intent on discovering the mermaid from the night before. She was not in costume but wore an exotic green dress that really popped with her red hair. Her very attractive wife I nicknamed the dancer because of her skill on the dance floor along with her toned legs.

The excitement grew when the dancer came in by herself and sat down at a table. Nobody moved staying seated knowing the mermaid would soon appear. Every guy that walked into the coffee shop that was of similar build was stared down until he passed the dancer. Then he was cast off like a used Kleenex eyes darting back to the door. Then it happened, a meek little man with balding red hair resembling bookkeeper from a Hollywood movie came in. He was walking in the dancers direction then sat down with her to everyone’s shock. Nobody would ever guess this guy looked so good as a woman. Now that the excitement was over people started paying their checks and leaving the restaurant. More than one stopped and complimented the mermaid on how good she looked the night before. It had to make her her feel good which she deserved . I wanted to compliment the wife on how good she looked the night before but decided it would not be a good idea to fly home with my ribs taped up. My wife is funny that way.

I will forever owe a debt of gratitude to Linda & Cynthia Phillips and their crew at the Texas “T” Party for getting my wife and I started the right way at the classiest crossdresser event ever done.

More to come,



Mature crossdresser friends are great to be with because they have their act together so to speak. Most are comfortable with their crossdressing after years of ups and downs. They know what they want and go out and get it. Passing is not a goal so much anymore and fun is a priority as it should be. That was the case last weekend when I joined my mature crossdresser friends from  CHIC  for a dinner out in Long Beach.

mature crossdressing friends
















Friday night there was just two of us because I wanted to check out a restaurant that we have not been to for a while. It is more on the conservative style so I departed from my normal black dominant outfit. Instead I opted for tan skirt and blue jacket for a change. My wife says I wear too much black and need to put some color into my look.

The dinner at the new restaurant went well. Nobody paid much attention to the two mature crossdresser friends having dinner on the roof top dining area. The food was Italian and bit of a challenge as the menu descriptions had Italian terms I was not familiar with. When I saw the seasoned pork chop on a bed of cheese pollenta I ordered it. I was happy I did as it was cooked perfectly along with the polenta and our server was very attentive.

mature crossdressing friends



















My wife wanted color so I gave it to her just with a little black this time and I even wore red lipstick. Saturday night it was dinner with some of our favorite mature crossdressing friends at a favorite restaurant. They gave us our own dining room where we could relax and have fun. We enjoyed moving around to chat and take pictures. Special thanks to Nell one of our  CHIC wives  who is now my personal photographer as she takes most of my photo’s for me.








































Mature crossdresser traveling is done all the time and many have gotten comfortable doing it dressed as a woman. Younger crossdressers do it also but I think it is a bigger mountain for matures to climb because of their upbringing. Those of us who started going out in public dressed in the 1980’s or 90’s remember a different world.


Mature crossdresser  traveling to DIVA Las Vegas 2021 or Wildside are already making their travel plans as registration for both events are open. I thought this might be a good time to share some of this mature crossdresser travel tips for young and old. I have been doing it for decades and have come up with some tricks that make life simpler especially as you get older.

Pre pandemic I shipped a trade show container via FedEx Ground with everything Micki needs and the some to spend a couple of days doing girlie stuff. The constant changes during the pandemic opening and closing at the drop of a hat made shipping ahead a problem. If there is nobody to accept the shipment at the now closed hotel will it get lost in a warehouse or sent back to me. I chose not to risk the round trip shipping costs. Micki bought two suitcases which meant I could no longer take the kitchen sink with me. Micki flies a lot so doesn’t have to pay luggage fees but am limited to two suitcases. They can’t weigh more than 50 LBS each. So the sink was out and I hade to get organized for a change.


Over the years I learned to value of minimizing or eliminating risk altogether such as arriving for your crossdresser adventure without your boobs! I purchased good quality plastic storage boxes from Staples and store everything needed for the trip except shoes, wigs, and clothes. Only the items that go on every trip like makeup, under garments and such go in the boxes and are stored in a safe place. When its time to pack I just go get the boxes and put the contents in the suit cases.

mature crossdresser travel















I don’t have to worry about missing items because I always inventory them when I return from a trip and replenish as needed. I have already weighed the full suitcases on a previous trips so each item is assigned to a particular suitcase. The cases typically come in around 48 LBS each just under the limit.

Below is a picture of the smaller suitcase contents ready to be packed. The three colored bags on the left are makeup and lower left are gel breast forms and hip pads. Top center are guy shaving kit in red and hand held mirror in green bag. Guy shoes in bag far right then guy Levi’s sox, undies, sweatshirt and ladies jacket in plastic.

mature crossdressing travel










My Mature crossdresser traveling solution made Jeff Bezo’s a little richer with the 3 bags on the left  and others I purchased from him. The red flatter bag above has all my guy grooming stuff in it and is a different style than the makeup ones. The blue, pink and orange are all the same style bag but have different contents. The colors are strategic because hotels have limited counter space I only need one at a time.









1st is blue for eyes and has everything I need to complete the eye makeup process. Including tape for taping that needs to be done in the beginning. You can get the details on my makeup routine on my makeup page. It also has lipstick in it because there was not room in the foundation bag which is done second.








When the eyes are complete I wipe the under eye cheekbone area with a makeup remover wipe.  Eye shadow usually accumulates there and needs to be removed.

2nd I replace everything in it and move the blue bag out of the away. I replace it with the pink one to do my foundation and contouring. It has everything I need for the face and a few other miscellaneous items also.

Finally 3rd the orange bag comes out and typically does not get placed on the counter. Some things like the magnifying mirror have already been installed on the hotel mirror. It must go up 1st thing so I can do my eyelashes in step #1. The main thing I use from the orange bag now is the wig band and hairspray. They don’t take much room on the counter. It also has things like cotton ball, Q tips, makeup remover wipes and other utility items in it.

The last thing I do is my nails that have their own bag of a different style. It is located at the desk where I can sit while putting them on.

Other tricks include turning wigs inside out putting them in plastic bags then storing them inside purses. The same goes for jewelry that has been chosen based on the outfit it will be worn with. Labeled accordingly the put in the purse.

Also regardless of where it is going to be packed anything that can leak and make a mess should be in a zip lock bag.

I hope you ladies find these tips helpful.


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Dining out crossdressed can be a lot of fun especially when you do it with other crossdressers. That was the case last weekend both Friday & Saturday nights. As I mentioned in my last post Mainstream Crossdressing Friday nights dinner was in the private dining room at the back of the restaurant. After dinner we moved to the bar out front for cocktails and conversation with the public. The picture below was taken outside in front of the restaurant. I am wearing my MAC (mask proof lipstick) which is about 4 hours old and not touched up even after eating dinner. It does not wear off under the mask which is wonderful. GOOD STUFF!

dining out crossdresser

Dining out crossdressed

















We were on the opposite side of Long Beach Saturday night for dining out at L’Opera on Pine Avenue. They just opened after a one year shutdown due to extensive damage in the local George Floyd riot. Everything has been repaired and looks beautiful once again with elegance everywhere you look. There were 10 of us dining out crossdressed Saturday from my club CHIC and it was great that they did not rush us in and out.

dining out crossdressed











The restaurant was full Saturday night with a mix of really nice people with one group giving us some of their birthday cake. Others engaged us in conversation at the bar which is my specialty. After diner I declined to join other CHIC members for a trek down the street to the Irish bar still recovering from my late Friday night fun. I opted to just go to the bar at L’Opera for a drink but ran into the hostess on the way and chatted for about 20 minutes. It was almost closing time when we ended out chat so I passed on the bar and walked across the street to my hotel.

Once again I forgot to take a picture at the restaurant so I had to settle for one in the hotel lobby taken by the security guard. Nice picture but I did not have my glasses with me so I didn’t know he cut my feet off until I was back in the room. I really like the military jacket look so I posted it anyway.

dinig out crossdressed

























Mainstream crossdressing is something I only dreamed of when I was a young crossdresser. Actually fantasy is probably a more accurate term because it occupied my mind mostly while awake. Leaving the house dressed did not really start until my mid 30’s. It was still something you could be arrested for so was an irregular occurrence. My mainstream crossdressing only existed on business trips and consisted of driving around late at night then back to the motel. I think it was in the late 80’s when I made my first mainstream crossdressing trip In Dallas Texas.


mainstream crossdressing

While at one of the beloved Texas “T” Parties friends insisted that a friend and I join them for dinner. We assumed it would be a Gay restaurant which was the typical (SAFE) destination in those days especially in Texas. I knew I was in trouble as the city lights faded behind us but hoped maybe dinner was in Houston. Nope! They reserved a very nice steakhouse in a suburb of Dallas filled with regular folks. Not my idea of a perfect place for a paranoid CD to do mainstream crossdressing. Everything went well when they seated us at a nice table until we took our seats. There were crossdresser wives with us so I let them decide who sat where and I guess one of them hated me because I ended up directly under the spotlight. Its the perfect place for a CD who rushed to get ready and not ecstatic about her presentation that night preferring a dark corner of the restaurant.

My first time mainstream crossdressing was an education as the guys I was worried about in the restaurant really did not want to look at us. It was the women they were with that kept looking at us all night. They kept pointing us out to the poor guys who obliged them with a brief glance then back to their meal. The staff was very nice to us and when we left their was no gallows or rope tied into a hangman’s noose so it was all good. Then again maybe the fact that we pulled up our friends new Rolls Royce Silver Shadow that night made a difference. The first and only time I have ridden in one but it was cool. So it was two firsts that for me that night mainstream crossdressing and the Rolls.


Fast forward to today and mainstream crossdressing is very common especially in big cities. Last weekend I met with 5 other CHIC members for dinner Friday night at a favorite place in Long Beach. We had two wives and 4 crossdressers for dinner and had a fun night eating inside for a change. I reserved a private room in the back of the restaurant which gave us a relaxing unhurried atmosphere to socialize in.


I got a pleasant surprise when GG acquaintance came back to say hello after noticing me walk through the bar. I had just come in from going outside to take a picture for this article. She had not been around for a couple of years so it was good to know she was doing fine.mainstream crossdressing

I intentionally blurred her face because I did not have her permission to put her picture online. I liked the picture of me so I included it.

This post was getting a little long so the rest of the weekend will follow shortly.