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Crossdressing adventures are a fun part of my crossdressing journey although some were not fun at the time. I decided to do a series of posts because I have quite a few new to launch crossdresser’s following this blog that I think will enjoy them. Some are young and others just late getting started.

Crossdresser Adventures


Back in the early 1990’s long before I discovered CHIC and after constantly prodding my wife for several years she agreed to accompany me to my 1st crossdresser convention. She was O.K. with it because we new nobody in Texas so getting caught was a very low possibility. I meticulously planned the trip 1st registering for the Texas “T” Party then booking the hotel which I believe was the 7 Oaks on Old Austin Highway (more later) in San Antonio Texas. I then booked the airline tickets from Los Angeles to Austin for the convention. This was early internet days with nothing offered like today so I kept paper copies of all my travel information in a folder in my briefcase. We planned to arrive early Friday afternoon then drive to the hotel so I could start getting ready. We figured two days would be enough for our first time crossdressing journey.

Everything was on schedule and we arrived on time, got the rental car and headed for the hotel. I gave my wife the map and told her to locate the 410 Loop which would take us to the hotel. She could not find it after repeated attempts so frustrated I pulled over to do it myself. To my amazement I could not find it either which just never happens! I broke out the folder to get my travel documents in my briefcase and AHA! the mystery was solved. We were in the wrong city 75 miles from the convention. After booking the hotel on the Austin highway I called and made the flight reservation with Austin fresh in my head. I then booked the flight to Austin instead of San Antonio where the convention was. So it was Micki the road warrior through the Texas Hill Country to San Antonio.

crossdressing adventure


Behind schedule we arrived at the hotel in San Antonio, checked in and went to our room to get ready for our crossdressing adventure.

We missed the Friday night cocktails and dinner but got to the lobby shortly after. Walking down the hall of the hotel my wife asked me if I had been out in public like this before. I was dressed as a woman so took the liberty of answering like a woman with a question. I said why do you ask? To witch she answered, you walk very well in heels and are not the least bit nervous. BUSTED! Then she said slow down, point your toes and put your shoulder back.

We had drinks in the bar chatting with some other folks there and retired about midnight. Saturday we shopped in the vendor area and my wife attended a seminar for wives in the afternoon. In those days nobody left the safety of the hotel congregating in the bar or vendor area instead. Having said that the 9 hole golf course on the property was closed for the season but they opened just for the “T” party tournament.

Saturday nights dinner was both a welcome and a farewell for us having missed Friday nights fun. Saturday night was dressy with formal gowns, cocktail dresses and tailored suits. After dinner they had the usual awards for this and that in the community followed by the golf tournament winners. Yes they wore ladies golf attire and played from the ladies tees. Then everyone was off to the bar for dancing and more drinks until the wee hours.


The TEXAS “T” PARTY was truly a crossdressing adventure and had a tradition of the Sunday farewell breakfast that was not really an official event. It was where everyone hung out all morning watching people walk in and tried to figure out who they were last night. It was great fun inspecting everyone up and down trying to place them the previous night. My wife and the others at out table were intent on discovering the mermaid from the night before. She was not in costume but wore an exotic green dress that really popped with her red hair. Her very attractive wife I nicknamed the dancer because of her skill on the dance floor along with her toned legs.

The excitement grew when the dancer came in by herself and sat down at a table. Nobody moved staying seated knowing the mermaid would soon appear. Every guy that walked into the coffee shop that was of similar build was stared down until he passed the dancer. Then he was cast off like a used Kleenex eyes darting back to the door. Then it happened, a meek little man with balding red hair resembling bookkeeper from a Hollywood movie came in. He was walking in the dancers direction then sat down with her to everyone’s shock. Nobody would ever guess this guy looked so good as a woman. Now that the excitement was over people started paying their checks and leaving the restaurant. More than one stopped and complimented the mermaid on how good she looked the night before. It had to make her her feel good which she deserved . I wanted to compliment the wife on how good she looked the night before but decided it would not be a good idea to fly home with my ribs taped up. My wife is funny that way.

I will forever owe a debt of gratitude to Linda & Cynthia Phillips and their crew at the Texas “T” Party for getting my wife and I started the right way at the classiest crossdresser event ever done.

More to come,



Mature crossdresser friends are great to be with because they have their act together so to speak. Most are comfortable with their crossdressing after years of ups and downs. They know what they want and go out and get it. Passing is not a goal so much anymore and fun is a priority as it should be. That was the case last weekend when I joined my mature crossdresser friends from  CHIC  for a dinner out in Long Beach.

mature crossdressing friends
















Friday night there was just two of us because I wanted to check out a restaurant that we have not been to for a while. It is more on the conservative style so I departed from my normal black dominant outfit. Instead I opted for tan skirt and blue jacket for a change. My wife says I wear too much black and need to put some color into my look.

The dinner at the new restaurant went well. Nobody paid much attention to the two mature crossdresser friends having dinner on the roof top dining area. The food was Italian and bit of a challenge as the menu descriptions had Italian terms I was not familiar with. When I saw the seasoned pork chop on a bed of cheese pollenta I ordered it. I was happy I did as it was cooked perfectly along with the polenta and our server was very attentive.

mature crossdressing friends



















My wife wanted color so I gave it to her just with a little black this time and I even wore red lipstick. Saturday night it was dinner with some of our favorite mature crossdressing friends at a favorite restaurant. They gave us our own dining room where we could relax and have fun. We enjoyed moving around to chat and take pictures. Special thanks to Nell one of our  CHIC wives  who is now my personal photographer as she takes most of my photo’s for me.








































Mature crossdresser traveling is done all the time and many have gotten comfortable doing it dressed as a woman. Younger crossdressers do it also but I think it is a bigger mountain for matures to climb because of their upbringing. Those of us who started going out in public dressed in the 1980’s or 90’s remember a different world.


Mature crossdresser  traveling to DIVA Las Vegas 2021 or Wildside are already making their travel plans as registration for both events are open. I thought this might be a good time to share some of this mature crossdresser travel tips for young and old. I have been doing it for decades and have come up with some tricks that make life simpler especially as you get older.

Pre pandemic I shipped a trade show container via FedEx Ground with everything Micki needs and the some to spend a couple of days doing girlie stuff. The constant changes during the pandemic opening and closing at the drop of a hat made shipping ahead a problem. If there is nobody to accept the shipment at the now closed hotel will it get lost in a warehouse or sent back to me. I chose not to risk the round trip shipping costs. Micki bought two suitcases which meant I could no longer take the kitchen sink with me. Micki flies a lot so doesn’t have to pay luggage fees but am limited to two suitcases. They can’t weigh more than 50 LBS each. So the sink was out and I hade to get organized for a change.


Over the years I learned to value of minimizing or eliminating risk altogether such as arriving for your crossdresser adventure without your boobs! I purchased good quality plastic storage boxes from Staples and store everything needed for the trip except shoes, wigs, and clothes. Only the items that go on every trip like makeup, under garments and such go in the boxes and are stored in a safe place. When its time to pack I just go get the boxes and put the contents in the suit cases.

mature crossdresser travel















I don’t have to worry about missing items because I always inventory them when I return from a trip and replenish as needed. I have already weighed the full suitcases on a previous trips so each item is assigned to a particular suitcase. The cases typically come in around 48 LBS each just under the limit.

Below is a picture of the smaller suitcase contents ready to be packed. The three colored bags on the left are makeup and lower left are gel breast forms and hip pads. Top center are guy shaving kit in red and hand held mirror in green bag. Guy shoes in bag far right then guy Levi’s sox, undies, sweatshirt and ladies jacket in plastic.

mature crossdressing travel










My Mature crossdresser traveling solution made Jeff Bezo’s a little richer with the 3 bags on the left  and others I purchased from him. The red flatter bag above has all my guy grooming stuff in it and is a different style than the makeup ones. The blue, pink and orange are all the same style bag but have different contents. The colors are strategic because hotels have limited counter space I only need one at a time.









1st is blue for eyes and has everything I need to complete the eye makeup process. Including tape for taping that needs to be done in the beginning. You can get the details on my makeup routine on my makeup page. It also has lipstick in it because there was not room in the foundation bag which is done second.








When the eyes are complete I wipe the under eye cheekbone area with a makeup remover wipe.  Eye shadow usually accumulates there and needs to be removed.

2nd I replace everything in it and move the blue bag out of the away. I replace it with the pink one to do my foundation and contouring. It has everything I need for the face and a few other miscellaneous items also.

Finally 3rd the orange bag comes out and typically does not get placed on the counter. Some things like the magnifying mirror have already been installed on the hotel mirror. It must go up 1st thing so I can do my eyelashes in step #1. The main thing I use from the orange bag now is the wig band and hairspray. They don’t take much room on the counter. It also has things like cotton ball, Q tips, makeup remover wipes and other utility items in it.

The last thing I do is my nails that have their own bag of a different style. It is located at the desk where I can sit while putting them on.

Other tricks include turning wigs inside out putting them in plastic bags then storing them inside purses. The same goes for jewelry that has been chosen based on the outfit it will be worn with. Labeled accordingly the put in the purse.

Also regardless of where it is going to be packed anything that can leak and make a mess should be in a zip lock bag.

I hope you ladies find these tips helpful.


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Dining out crossdressed can be a lot of fun especially when you do it with other crossdressers. That was the case last weekend both Friday & Saturday nights. As I mentioned in my last post Mainstream Crossdressing Friday nights dinner was in the private dining room at the back of the restaurant. After dinner we moved to the bar out front for cocktails and conversation with the public. The picture below was taken outside in front of the restaurant. I am wearing my MAC (mask proof lipstick) which is about 4 hours old and not touched up even after eating dinner. It does not wear off under the mask which is wonderful. GOOD STUFF!

dining out crossdresser

Dining out crossdressed

















We were on the opposite side of Long Beach Saturday night for dining out at L’Opera on Pine Avenue. They just opened after a one year shutdown due to extensive damage in the local George Floyd riot. Everything has been repaired and looks beautiful once again with elegance everywhere you look. There were 10 of us dining out crossdressed Saturday from my club CHIC and it was great that they did not rush us in and out.

dining out crossdressed











The restaurant was full Saturday night with a mix of really nice people with one group giving us some of their birthday cake. Others engaged us in conversation at the bar which is my specialty. After diner I declined to join other CHIC members for a trek down the street to the Irish bar still recovering from my late Friday night fun. I opted to just go to the bar at L’Opera for a drink but ran into the hostess on the way and chatted for about 20 minutes. It was almost closing time when we ended out chat so I passed on the bar and walked across the street to my hotel.

Once again I forgot to take a picture at the restaurant so I had to settle for one in the hotel lobby taken by the security guard. Nice picture but I did not have my glasses with me so I didn’t know he cut my feet off until I was back in the room. I really like the military jacket look so I posted it anyway.

dinig out crossdressed

























Mainstream crossdressing is something I only dreamed of when I was a young crossdresser. Actually fantasy is probably a more accurate term because it occupied my mind mostly while awake. Leaving the house dressed did not really start until my mid 30’s. It was still something you could be arrested for so was an irregular occurrence. My mainstream crossdressing only existed on business trips and consisted of driving around late at night then back to the motel. I think it was in the late 80’s when I made my first mainstream crossdressing trip In Dallas Texas.


mainstream crossdressing

While at one of the beloved Texas “T” Parties friends insisted that a friend and I join them for dinner. We assumed it would be a Gay restaurant which was the typical (SAFE) destination in those days especially in Texas. I knew I was in trouble as the city lights faded behind us but hoped maybe dinner was in Houston. Nope! They reserved a very nice steakhouse in a suburb of Dallas filled with regular folks. Not my idea of a perfect place for a paranoid CD to do mainstream crossdressing. Everything went well when they seated us at a nice table until we took our seats. There were crossdresser wives with us so I let them decide who sat where and I guess one of them hated me because I ended up directly under the spotlight. Its the perfect place for a CD who rushed to get ready and not ecstatic about her presentation that night preferring a dark corner of the restaurant.

My first time mainstream crossdressing was an education as the guys I was worried about in the restaurant really did not want to look at us. It was the women they were with that kept looking at us all night. They kept pointing us out to the poor guys who obliged them with a brief glance then back to their meal. The staff was very nice to us and when we left their was no gallows or rope tied into a hangman’s noose so it was all good. Then again maybe the fact that we pulled up our friends new Rolls Royce Silver Shadow that night made a difference. The first and only time I have ridden in one but it was cool. So it was two firsts that for me that night mainstream crossdressing and the Rolls.


Fast forward to today and mainstream crossdressing is very common especially in big cities. Last weekend I met with 5 other CHIC members for dinner Friday night at a favorite place in Long Beach. We had two wives and 4 crossdressers for dinner and had a fun night eating inside for a change. I reserved a private room in the back of the restaurant which gave us a relaxing unhurried atmosphere to socialize in.


I got a pleasant surprise when GG acquaintance came back to say hello after noticing me walk through the bar. I had just come in from going outside to take a picture for this article. She had not been around for a couple of years so it was good to know she was doing fine.mainstream crossdressing

I intentionally blurred her face because I did not have her permission to put her picture online. I liked the picture of me so I included it.

This post was getting a little long so the rest of the weekend will follow shortly.





.crossdressing for DIVA 2021












Crossdressing for DIVA 2021 looks like its going to happen this year after being cancelled last spring. DIVA LV been moved to the end of October from 1/26 until 11/1 which will include our national holiday, Halloween! The early registration for previous attendees is currently open. General registration for newcomers looks like it will be June 1st and here is the link


DIVA LV is not billed as a convention but a vacation so crossdressing for DIVA 2021 gives you lots of latitude for what you would like to do. You are free to attend some or all of the events they plan or go it alone. Some require signing up and some have a cost associated with them which requires payment up front. Yet others are just show up and are not as structured as the sign up variety. You can stay where ever you want but they recommend staying at the Flamingo. It is DIVA HQ where all the action is. Most hotels are fine with crossdresser guests but crossdressing for DIVA 2021 at the Flamingo is a safe bet. The link above will take you to the registration page where you can see other hotels for your crossdressing adventure. There is also information on pretty much everything you will need to know about the event including DO’s and DON”T”S which is valuable.


I personally have stayed at the Palazzo, Venetian, Cromwell, Flamingo, and Paris hotels with absolutely no issues. Crossdressing for DIVA 2021 would also not be complete without shopping and there is plenty on the strip. I highly recommend the Fashion Show Mall across from the Palazzo hotel because it is huge, has everything you need. There are great restaurants from cheap to expensive and all welcome you without hesitation. There are also Macy’s, Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Neiman Marcus, and Saks 5TH Ave. stores crossdressing for DIVA 2021 where the sales people are very helpful to crossdressers.




Public crossdressing is being done more and more as CD’s become increasingly comfortable being seen in the open. Years ago most preferred the relative safety of Gay bars or DRAG clubs. Pretty much all of my dressing is done at mainstream venues whether they be stores, restaurants or bars. The world is pretty tolerant if not accepting of crossdressers now especially the younger folks.


This month our Friday night group went from 7 to 4 because of last minute scheduling conflicts. I arrived first and opted to sit in the bar so I could people watch. It was a bit cool to sit outside and you see eveyone that comes in. The owner Mario is an old friend and came to sit with me until the others arrived. We talked about how long he has known our club CHIC along with his successful restaurant. It has been 25 years since we started doing public crossdressing at his first restaurant and he expressed his gratitude for our support over those years. I thanked him for being there for us too. Many a beginner went to his restaurant for their first outing en fem and was made to feel comfortable. We have gone to his restaurants through good times and bad and are especially enjoying his current success.


Many times I have walked into a restaurant alone public crossdressing to rendezvous with friends and had patrons take notice of me. Most don’t have too much reaction some smiling while others sort of take it in then look away. Some though give kind of a WHAT IS THAT DOING HERE look then check to see if others noticed me also. My favorite outcome to this situation is when the bartenders and servers notice I have arrived and great me warmly by name. Often if the owner is around they come over and shake hands or hug me again calling me by name. The reason its my favorite public crossdressing is the negative folks figure out the only person with a problem with this crossdresser is them so maybe they are the one out of step.


Saturday night we had a much bigger group for dinner with 18 club members total. Our group was seated upstairs due to our size but it worked out well because we had the whole upper level. The only drawback was upstairs is all booths so we were in many small groups. Around 10 PM most went on their way but a few of us descended the stairs to the bar for more cocktails and public crossdressing. Once in the bar seating was scarce so I went to the ladies room to freshen up and get ready for a picture.

public crossdressing

When I left the restroom I had to walk behind the owner who was seated at the end. I did not want him to back into me when I said hello so once directly behind him I put my hands on each of his upper arms then said hi in my deepest Trace Atkins voice. He spun around laughing and shook my hand vigorously asking how I was doing. I said great chatted for just a minute and moved on to my group. A few minutes later my folks were commenting on some guys who rolled their eyes and said some negative things about our group. The bartender heard it and was upset then spoke with the owner. The next thing I knew two of the three left and the one left behind felt bad and wanted to buy us a round of drinks. The owner told them we did not need his drinks and just to be nice.


It is important in closing to note that each of the restaurants mentioned above are places I have gone public crossdressing to for decades. The relationships with owners and staff are based respect for them and their business. We always dress appropriately, act lady like, spend lots of money and tip well. We are never loud, obnoxious, crude or do anything that could negatively impact the business.






Older crossdressing in Las Vegas is more and more applicable me because it is so convenient to get to from pretty much anywhere. The shopping is better than most other cities that I travel to and there is a ton of restaurants available. Hotels can be ridiculously cheap depending on when you go and this week was no exception.

This older crossdressing in Las Vegas was able to put together a spur of the moment trip. I could not pass up the $108.00 per night price for a suite at the Venetian mid week combined with free airfare on Alaska Airlines. The downside was there was no time to get anybody to join me on short notice. Not perfect but doable especially since I have become very secure being out in public crossdressed in Vegas. Especially within the Venetian Palazzo complex which is very friendly and accommodating. The only time I left it was to go shopping across the street at the Fashion Show Mall. 

I arrived Monday afternoon with plenty of time to dress and go out to Cannelloni in St. Marks Square where I have dinned before. Didn’t get a picture that night because it was not a comfortable setting. It would have been me standing in the square with hundreds of people milling about staring at me.


Tuesday was off to the Mall in the late morning for some lunch at Maggios’s then shopping at Dillard’s, Macy’s and Nordstrom. Clothes are pretty casual this time of year so I concentrated on makeup. I have been experimenting with MAC’s Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour

I wore a sort of wine/berry color on Tuesday night and red on Wednesday night. It stayed on all night before, during, and after dinner so I’m happy with my purchases.



Mercado Della Pescheria

The picture below was taken Tuesday night after I left Mercato Della Pescheria because even though I ate inside a picture would have been awkward. I went over to CHICA in the Venetian where the lovely hostesses took the picture for me.

Older crossdressing in Las Vegas

Wednesday was too hot to shop so I just relaxed and went out as Rocco to the Venetian Canal shops. For dinner that night I went back to Smith & Wolensky’s in the Canal area and had an amazing dinner. It consisted of a prawn cocktail followed my steak and an amazing bacon cheese potato cake they just introduced to the menu. I ate upstairs so a picture was a much more comfortable place for a picture. The hostess obliged and took the picture of me with the red MAC lipstick by the stairs.

For sure the crowds are back especially younger people bringing kids I assume because of no school and possibly the large unemployment checks the government is handing out. It made me wonder why the cheap rates with so many people which is more than I saw anytime last year. I truly don’t know what they are thinking when they see me dressed better than any woman regardless of age.

I am not petite but not the largest either so hopefully they just think I am going someplace special & dressy. The mask mandate is interesting also because they only get to see your eyes which are easy to feminize. Another factor is that younger folks don’t seem to be the slightest bit interested in crossdressers. When I use my mail voice they don’t even seem to take notice.

I truly enjoy my trips crossdressed and look forward to each one and miss my San Francisco and Seattle trips. I know several of my favorite restaurants have closed permanently and stores along with them.



Crossdressing fun with friends is the best especially when they are your fellow CHIC club members. Our latest crossdressing adventure was in Long Beach again at one of our favorite restaurants. Tonya, one of our members is always conjuring up fun stuff for us to do like her Santa Baby event last month. Saturday night this month it was Elvis for a night if singing, dancing and lots of laughing.


Tonya had confided in me that she was wanting to have some crossdressing fun with friends again. Tonya wanted it to be a surprise so I said nothing. After dinner around nine Elvis walks through the door and the wheels came off. Most of us were somewhat reserved at first being ladies and all. But in a short while we were all singing with Elvis.

To some crossdressing fun with friends includes dancing which about half our group did. Not me, I have not danced since seeing Elaine dance on Seinfeld years ago and recognized my moves. After about an hour Elvis left and one of the members inspired by the singing moved over to the piano. It was a Baby Grand in the corner and she treated us to some fabulous classical music. Crossdressing fun with friends comes in many forms singing, dancing and just hanging out.

The show went on when our bartender took a turn at the piano treating us to some of his favorite songs. How neat to be entertained by such talented people which makes me wonder what happened with me?

For myself and a few others CHIC meetings are actually CHIC weekends as some travel from out of town. Others just want more crossdressing fun with friends so they also make a weekend of it. We stay at hotels and go out both Friday and Saturday nights. Sometimes the Friday night group is as large as the Saturday night group.



We have some favorite places for our Friday night crossdressing fun with friends and we go often enough that we are becoming part of the

ambiance. One of our favorites has a back room we call the clubhouse or lounge and we go there several times each year.

crossdresser fun with friends

The picture above was taken Friday night at the lounge and I think I look pretty relaxed in it.

Years ago we only went to mostly Gay restaurants or private back rooms when home parties became scarce so back rooms are not foreign to us. Now days we have the option to dine with the other customers but sometimes choose the private room for a more intimate dinner. The atmosphere is more relaxed and the conversation better without the loud voices from the bar.

We always have a small group of us that is not ready to go home so we go mingle at the bar with the other folks. That way they get to have some crossdresser fun with friends too its just that we are better dressed. I think we are also having more fun then they are.

crossdresser fun with friends

The above picture is very relaxed also like after multiple Cosmos ingested but I like it because it reflects my mood at midnight.

I call it “Take the F*#&king picture already”!

Its time to call it a night.








Mature crossdressers face taping is a great way to get rid of the dreaded TURKEY NECK. I did a post last October called CROSSDRESSER FACE TAPE where I talked about a face tape technique.


mature crossdressing face taping

I used the Secret Lift Pro system for over a year and it worked most of the time but the rubber band broke occasionally on the top one placed on my temples over my head. I had less success with the one placed on the back of the neck. It came loose a lot when I turned my head. Every time they failed my Turkey Neck cam back instantly so I needed something more reliable for nights out.



I started searching on the internet and found a much better mature crossdressing face taping solution on Amazon. I tried this last weekend in Long Beach and it worked great. The straps below are designed for COVID 19 face masks but work perfect for lifting the face skin. They cost $10.99 for the 45 piece assortment and will probably be a 50 year supply in that they appear very sturdy.



mature crossdressing face tapingThe first night I selected the strap on the far left. I opened the adjuster to the maximum length then cleaned the temple area right under my sideburns with alcohol. Then I coated the area with New Skin liquid bandage letting it dry.


Next I cut a strip of 3M medical tape long enough to cover the temple area I prepared plus 1 inch extra. I placed the tape on my temple area letting the extra curl back away from my head. Taking the strap by the end I attached it to the tape on my temple. Then I ran the strap over the top of my head and attached the other temple the same way. Just like wearing headphones.

It worked great all night with the strap staying in place but stretching when I spoke or chewed dinner. One problem with just taping your face is that it typically does not stretch. If it pulls your skin too tight it can blister. Its fun trying to explain the blister in such a strange place to friends and family.


I later found that the tape on the ends was hard to remove when the sticky glue built up on it. I went back to the drawing board for a

mature crossdressing face taping solution and found it at Home Depot. I bought a small sheet of acrylic plastic so I could cut it into small squares and glue them to the existing ends of the straps.

I cut the sheet into roughly 1 inch squares then sanded all the edges to remove sharpness. I glued them with clear Liquid Nails onto the flat side of the straps. The upper strap on the right shows the adjustment buckle facing upward which is the side that you glue to. That way the strap lays flat against your head and the strap pulls smoothly. The taping process is the same I just added the plastic tabs for better holding power.


8 in. x 10 in. x 0.050 in. Clear Non-Glare Acrylic Sheet by OPTIX













The strap stays in place all night and you clean it with alcohol before you use it again. The plastic tabs offer a larger holding area for the tape so they stay put all day or night.


No More Turkey Neck!