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I have heard about the City of Portland Oregon being very TG friendly from folks I reached out to on YELP last year but, did not have a solid feel for it. I became a member of the Vanity Club this year which opened new opportunities to me giving me access to VC members in the area which, I took advantage last weekend. I reached out to a local member Carolyn who graciously agreed to meet me for diner on Friday night and gave me some pointers on the area.

Deluxe Front


I stayed at a hotel I had been scoping out for sometime and was not disappointed at all because it lived up to my expectations.

The Hotel Deluxe was built in the early 1900’s but is meticulously maintained and promotes a theme of the glory days of Hollywood throughout the facility.

From the lobby to the halls on every floor old Hollywood is the prevailing  thought every where you look. Pictures adorn every available wall and speak elegance everywhere.

The food was excellent and the service was quick in addition to friendly.

Once the doorman opens the front entrance you are greeted by impressive stairs leading to a more impressive maim lobby where the Hollywood theme takes over.


I was as usual over dressed for the occasion but I think given the theme of the hotel I should be looked at as an example of properly attire for a lady in the hotel. The weather was in the 50’s but most ladies were casual in booties and quilted coats but that dosn’t work for this kid. It’s dress up time for Mz Micki.












The Driftwood Room bar was of course my favorite room in the hotel with a very friendly staff who made sure that I never had an empty glass. ( God I love that) They also make a great Cosmo. They take the time to chat and make sure that you are having an enjoyable experience which is one of the big reasons I stay in Boutique hotel almost exclusively. The room reminds me of the fancy restaurants I went to as a kid in Hollywood.


 I just thought this elevator was so cool with Mother of Pearl inlays made from Abalone shells and deep black lacquer walls. I felt like such a star!


Stay tuned more adventures to follow!

Micki Finn