A great deal has been said about passing so this website would not be complete unless I said something also which is don’t worry about it! Some think that they do but don’t and some might but most won’t. If you look close enough there will be tell-tale signs that give them away from large hands to the way they walk. I do not pass and don’t bother trying having given up years ago. It is 2017 and most people just don’t care what you dress like. My friends and I have been to the top rated restaurants in San Francisco and never had any problems because we behave ourselves and dress appropriately. Once Caitlyn Jenner came out people seem to be more accepting or at least they are not shocked anymore so it’s old news. If you are not out to shock people and dress pretty much age appropriate plus or minus a decade you should be fine. If you dress to shock you probably will and have to accept what comes with it. I think where you go is as or more important than what you wear. Is where you want to go safe? Restaurants and public places are probably better than dive bars or hidden away places. Think about how far you will have to run for safety or if they have security people to help.



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