Crossdresser makeup is a crucial part of crossdressing and will make you much more believable if done correctly. Skin care can’t be overlooked if you want a great look. There are many things that can be done to reduce pore size and smooth the skin surface. The best makeup and techniques won’t overcome bad skin.


In short, they gotta go!

If you must shave you probably know how to do it already, There are various lubricating tricks around for a closer shave but nothing beats not having to.

Electrolysis has been around a long time and is the best way to avoid beard shadow. It is the only permanent method to remove all hair but, it takes many treatments. Laser is far quicker and takes fewer treatments to eliminate the hair. It is not permanent and does not work well with white or gray hair. However white and gray don’t show through your makeup with a shadow. You will need a touch up every now and then but if you want to see results quick Laser is the ticket.


No matter what kind of makeup you use it will look better if you have good healthy facial skin to start with. If it looks like tree bark then you have some work to do. Micro Dermabrasion Facial is a great start and there are many skin care salons that do it for around $100.00 per treatment. Men do it all the time so its no big deal. Once you have done it a few times you will notice your skin being softer and smoother along with having smaller pores.

Daily Skin Cleaning

If you use an exfoliating scrub daily in the shower along with moisturizer and sun block after you shave you can maintain the results of the dermabrasion longer.

The more water you drink the better which keeps your skin hydrated along with the moisturizer. It is all part of the necessary preparation for the optimum crossdresser makeup presentation.






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