Before applying your foundation clean and moisturize your face then you need to tape your brows in place to create a feminine  arch. Crossdressers need to be a little more help which is where the tape comes in.eye-taping-e1394923998400-763x1024

Clean the area to be taped about the middle of the brow with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol then let dry. newskin


Spray Newskin on or soak the liquid on the cotton ball then dab the same area that you cleaned with the alcohol. You can also get in liquid form works better.

Tear off about a 3 inch piece of Nexcare clear tape and place one end above your eye where you want the middle of the arch to form.




Gently pull upward until the arch is formed and then place the other end to hold it in place. If your hairline is too low you will have to use a headband or a wig cap.eye-taping-e1394923998400-763x1024

Once you have the tape in place and you are happy with your arch. Beard cover is the next step you need to get right unless you have done laser or electrolysis. Max Factor makes a Pan Stick which comes in many shades and does a good job but MAC, Sephora and Ulta might have some good products.


If you don’t need beard cover and just use a regular foundation start by washing your face and using a makeup primer like Cinema Secrets.



I am a firm believer in MAC Cosmetics because of the pigment content and the excellent coverage I get with them. After applying the primer I use the MAC liquid foundation in a thin layer over my entire face.mac-foundation


Then  I start the contouring process to change the shape of my face giving it a more feminine oval shape. The best video that I have found for face contouring is Goss  and he does many very good ones.  I have used both powder and cream for contouring and the cream is the best by far. The powder gets built up quickly and will look caked . Cream tends to be absorbed by the skin so you can do a light setting powder over it for a natural look. You will look like a witch doctor at first but when you blend everything like he does in this VIDEO you will be amazed.

Remember that men have different areas that need to be addressed and techniques differ depending on the artist.


The above picture shows dark contour up the sides of the nose curing out under the brow bone. I use Sephora Cover FX for both my light and dark contour crèam. The picture  below shows dark contour  going up and blending into the eyebrow most likely to lengthen the nose.


The dark contour on the jawline above is evident on this picture also. The picture below has less dark contour because she already has a oval face.

contour-makeupThe pictures to the right show the highlighting technique very well especially the far right on top. The bottom left shows the start of the blending process. The final far right bottom photo shows the amazing difference as opposed to the first picture. The right wig styled properly can also make your face appear thinner.mac-powder


Once the cream contouring is complete and has been blended a light dusting of  powder will finish off the look. I don’t use translucent at this point preferring to use a light dusting of my MAC  MW25  Pro Long Powder.



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