crossdressers health concernsCrossdresser health concerns or, how does a crossdresser deal with needing medical care. The answer may be obvious depending on if you have insurance or not. Where I am going with this is, do you tell your doctor about your crossdressing? In my case I only did it once after securing her word she would not share anything we discussed. Sure, over the years I had health concerns but because I shaved my body, they had to wait until summer when things grew out. The older I got the more dangerous this approach became because crossdresser health concerns are no different than non-crossdresser concerns. The older you get the more doctors you meet so I needed to have a plan for possible lack of hair questions. 

I have wondered over the years just exactly how the HIPPA laws work with crossdressers health concerns. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA) The short answer is you have a level of privacy protection provided by HIPPA. The law covers many areas, and I chose not to read the whole thing, but you can by following this link HIPPA. I took an easier route and asked one of my trusted crossdresser friends who is a doctor.

Below is my question.

If you tell your doctor that you are a crossdresser are they and staff bound to secrecy? I am fine but, in the past, I have delayed physicals and dermatologist exams until my hair grew out. I’m thinking that going forward that is going to be a bad idea cuz I ain’t got that much time left on the calendar of life. 

She told me they cannot divulge your medical information including shaved legs since you crossdress. Doctors in general are professional and will not judge. If you are that worried, you can ask them not to put it in your chart.

So, the crossdresser health concern plan now is to shave year-round. Should the question come up, I will answer that it’s not important! If I’m uncomfortable I will ask them not to put it in my chart.

It’s possible that I am paranoid about all this but if it helps just one person it’s worth writing.