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Crossdressing with friends is something that I always look forward to. Especially because most all of them are members of my crossdressing club CHIC. Although the ages of members vary the common interests of crossdressing and wives bridge the age gap. Our August regular club meeting had a small turnout due to vacations and the same applied to the Friday night gathering. There were only three of us crossdressing with friends on Friday night, but it was really special. Natasha & Meridith joined me at one of our regular restaurants. What made it special was that although I have known them for many years we were always in a large group. With so many people participating in the conversation it limits what you really learn about people.

crossdressing with fiends

Friday nights crossdressing with friends Natasha and Meridith gave me an opportunity to learn more about them on a personal level. Knowing the restaurant owner pays off because they gave us a great table in the bar area and did not rush us. Besides comparing notes on our crossdressing evolution and other personal experiences growing up were shared. It always fascinates me when you reach the level of trust with crossdresser friends that you feel comfortable sharing your personal life. Sometimes I am very surprised at people’s backgrounds and experiences because I only knew them from crossdressing. That does not give you any indication of who they are the other 29 days of the month.

Crossdressing with friends who present very well in public does not give any clue about their life away from crossdressing. I won’t divulge Natasha’s details but others I have known had very interesting stories. Over the years I have been crossdrerssing with friends who were airline pilots, military officers, surgeons, lawyers, television actors, radio show hosts, policemen, firefighters, scientists, Engineers, construction workers, and teachers just to name a few. What’s remarkable is how similar each of our stories are regardless of where you lived as a child.

This personal interaction with crossdressing friends is what makes belonging to a club so rewarding for myself and the other members. Many of the friendships in CHIC have lasted decades.



crossdressing with friends



Young crossdressers can and should learn from those who came before them. I found a movie on Amazon about a series of letters written in the 1950’s and 1960’s between Female Impersonators.

young crossdresser,s

 They also called themselves Feminine Mimic’s long before the term Drag Queen existed. young crossdressers might get in trouble for using that term today.

young crossdresser's

Actually, some of the performers that were interviewed don’t care to be labeled as Drag Queens. They note the difference between their efforts to be as beautiful and feminine as possible. If not passable at least being as glamorous a look as they could put together.

They were imitating or mimicking females whereas today Drag Queens are more flamboyant with entertainment being the goal of both. All of them had a sense of humor when it came to selecting their names. Young crossdressers might be able to appreciate the difference in styles.

young crossdressers

It is not the label differences that I think young crossdressers will benefit from but what any guy in a dress went through on those days. The movie is based on a box of letters discovered in 2014 in a garage between friends from New York to one in Hollywood. They are dead serious when they say please burn the letter after reading because the content could be very damaging. Big problems were possible for people thought to be Gay in that era and a guy in a dress would qualify as Gay no matter what he said. There is even a statement by one person interviewed where he was told not to turn around with his back to the bar. If the New York police came into the bar and saw, you are facing the room they would arrest you for solicitation of prostitution. Something we do freely today like going out in public dressed as a woman for dinner, drinks, or shopping today. In those days you risked your future even if you were on your way to a party in a private home.  That was pre–Stonewall Riot days so you can see why they got fed up.

Besides fighting for the freedoms, we all enjoy today those gals had to be clever because there was no internet or crossdresser boutiques back then. They had to innovate big time to achieve feminine look. Ever hear of birdseed in a baggy for breast forms? It works but back in those day there was no such thing as a baggy, they weren’t invented yet! An old stocking would have to do. Hip pads used wadding from the sewing section of the department store.

They did an amazing job.

Old and young crossdressers will enjoy the movie.

Click on the picture above for a link to Amazon Prime.


crossdresser fingernails



Crossdresser goodbye is something that occurs every day around the world and has been with us forever. I am not trying to be dramatic with this introduction, it’s just that I don’t know any other way to put it. I use the term crossdresser goodbye to address something I have both experienced and observed for many years. When a crossdresser passes away in most cases they just vanish never being heard from again. In my observation their friends are not invited to the funeral. In many cases even made aware of the crossdresser’s passing. I have seen e-mails from people searching for information on a crossdresser who stopped responding to e-mails. They are concerned and reaching out to anyone who might have some information on their friend. Most never know what happened, no crossdresser goodbye just wondering. Being a member of a group or social club where people know each other’s private lives. Especially, if they socialize away from crossdressing makes information more available. I think in the majority of cases the crossdresser simply vanishes, so friends and acquaintances eventually assume they have passed. They deserve better but that’s just the way it is there is no crossdresser goodbye.

Last month I learned of my friend Espy Lopez passed away after a long illness. She was a friend for over 30 years, and I was fortunate to be in the loop of friends who were notified. Espy and I did not have matching tattoos or anything but shared growing up just 6 months apart in Southern California in the 1960’s heyday. In addition to the closeness in age we were both crossdresser’s which created somewhat of a bond. In those days there was no pride, stonewall or anything like today. A guy sharing with another guy that you were a crossdresser created a mutual vulnerability. Both of us were employed in the aerospace industry and would probably lose our jobs if word got out. We met in the early 1990’s when she was assigned to interview me for membership in CHIC where she was a member. We remained friends ever since although seeing less of each other in recent years. It was during that interview when I learned of Espy’s military background of which she was justifiably proud.

crossdresser goodbye

During the interview she shared her service as a U.S. Army Ranger in Vietnam, and I believe she said two tours of duty. I remember seeing a picture of her in uniform on a table in her home. Her uniform was covered with emblems and ribbons I am not familiar with. It was clear that she was an accomplished soldier.

Another of her accomplishments was her company Classic Curves international that has been around for over 30 years. She started with hip/ butt pads to give guys curves. Back then crossdressers were using an electric carving knife borrowed from mom or the wife. They carved up a foam furniture seat pad to make hip pads. When I asked her how she figured it out she explained how she used a computer at work to overlay a male image over a female image. It showed where a guy needed padding and how much. She noted that a woman’s shoulders and hips were close in size. She measured your shoulders which is how she knew what to make for you. At first, she had you come to her shop with your favorite dress so she could custom shape the foam pads to you. Putting on protective gloves taped to her arms along with an industrial breathing filter the process began. She turned on the industrial sanding machine and began to contour the foam pad to your shape with fit checks from time to time. You left with an amazing figure. Ever the inventor she kept thinking of ways to improve the product and gel pads came a year or so later. By now she had progressed to using molds to cast the pads in several sizes which fit most guys just fine. I have one of the first sets of gel molded pads that she made in her shop with another invention she conceived to heat the silicone. It looked like one of the old Igloo coolers common on construction sites which was a galvanized steel barrel. Espy modified it to cook silicone and poured me a set of pads on the spot which, I still have and use today.

If you go to her site Classic Curves International, you will see how her company evolved with more clever products over the years. Espy through her company, products, and outreach to others via phone or at one of the many conventions she did make a wonderful contribution to the Trans community.

She will be remembered fondly by myself and others every time we pad up to go out En Fem for an evening out. Espy was a pioneer in the crossdresser padding industry with her veteran owned American made products.

And so goes my crossdresser goodbye to Espy.

Thanks to all of you who responded with your crossdresser goodbye thoughts for Espy.



Crossdressers interact with civilians from time to time and some more than others. If you go out in public crossdressed like I do meeting civilians is a certainty. You may not have a conversation experiencing only eye contact, but you need to think about how to handle it. Long ago I took the look them in the eye and smile approach which has always served me well. Last Friday night was no exception, but the outcome surprised me just the same. Seven of us crossdressers interact with civilians who were in town for the monthly Saturday night CHIC meeting so we headed over to a favorite restaurant for dinner. Like our other venues it is a mainstream upscale restaurant where we are definitely in the minority. That said, we are well known by the owner and staff which sends a signal to the other patrons that we are accepted. COOL!

BFF Ashley, my guest Sherri and I arrived via UBER greeting Mario the owner out front when we arrived. After we hugged, I introduced him to Sherri who had never been there before. Then we joined the others who were at the bar but opted to go to the table early due to lack of bar seating available.

I followed the hostess to our table taking a seat at the end looking out the window to the courtyard. There was a 50ish couple seated at the window in my field of vision so eye contact with the woman was inevitable. It was time for crossdressers interact with civilians.  I smiled at her several times, but she was expressionless. It was more like she was observing rather than communicating with her eyes, so I got involved with my group conversation. Her male companion looked over once then looked away with no expression obviously unimpressed. In situations where I don’t have a feel for what the civilian is thinking I end the contact.

Crossdresser's interact with civilians

Conversing with my gurlz I lost track of time when I was surprised by a gentle touch on my shoulder. The expressionless woman was telling me how she loved my hairstyle and how great a choice it was for me. She told me how the color was perfect, and the cut was flattering for me. I thanked her for her compliments, and she said good night. Even though it started a bit mysterious my crossdressers interact with civilians worked out wonderfully.

The picture above was taken Friday night back at our hotel where Sherri and I went to the patio bar for a nightcap. It was taken by two ladies we met on the patio as we were leaving. That makes two crossdresser interact with civilians in the same night. This encounter was different because although I saw them sit behind us with two other younger women, we had no contact. I was not even aware that the younger ones had left. When we stood up, they spoke to us, and I was so surprised I don’t even remember what they said.  They were curious about us and had questions which we did our best to answer. We pretty much covered everything heterosexual married crossdresser, DRAG QUEENS, Gay, Transgender’s Transsexual’s my club CHIC. They are left very well-informed civilians.

Saturday night it was more crossdressers interactions with civilians but nothing like Friday. I received compliments on my new wig debuting on that night but not on a par with the night before.

Crossdresser's interact with civilians

The wig I am wearing above Saturday night is actually darker in the back than Friday’s. Its deceptive because both of them are very light in the front so they look very similar.

Saturday night was special though on several levels beginning with our group being larger than normal with 20 attendees. We took up the whole west end of the restaurant with a long table. I have intentionally blurred the faces of those who have not given permission to post pictures of them. Seven of the attendees were wives accompanying their crossdresser husbands.

Crossdresser's interact with civilians

When I sat at the bar before dinner it was next to the same woman, I did a year ago. She naturally remembered me DUH! I stand out but I remember her because she was Asian with an accent and a low voice. Both crossdressers civilian interact with her were challenging because of my hearing and her accent but we did well.

So, in two consecutive nights I had three wonderful crossdressers interact with civilians. It was very rewarding, and I went to bed with a smile on my face that night.





Crossdresser nails are a must have to achieve that fabulous female presentation. They add that extra unmistakable feminine touch which completes your elegant look.  For many years I used a process where I glued my nails on with DAP Contact cement featured on my CROSSDRESSER FAKE FINGERNAILS PAGE. It worked well for the most part but there were some drawbacks. Recently I read an article on crossdresser nails written by one of my CHIC Sorority sisters Erica. She shared a process she uses to attach her nails using press on gel tabs that stay on for days. I was intrigued because years ago I used Sally Hansen press on tabs that lasted minutes, so I dumped them.

This old dog might be able to learn a new trick and be well served to give her process a shot. I ordered some and took them with me to Las Vegas last week. I wanted to try them out but brought my contact cement with me just in case.

crossdresser nails


I put them on Monday night and was really impressed with the holding power of the gel tabs. Not one problem with lifting or loosening throughout the evening. I decided to leave them on all night because we were going shopping the next day and see how many got through the night. In the morning they were all there just as tight as the night before.

So far so good but putting on my shape wear, butt pads, and breast forms would be a real test. No problems at all although putting on make required some adjustments to my routine. I was actually ready ahead of schedule getting ready then went to lunch and shopping. Back at the hotel I changed clothes to go out that evening and my crosssdresser nails were intact. I even was complimented by a gentleman at the bar over my lovely nails.

Crossdresser Fingernails

I’m hooked Erica’s process for crossdresser nails and tossed my contact cement after ordering more tabs. I have also updated my CROSSDRESSER FAKE FINGERNAILS page to show my new technique.

Thank you, Erica!

crossdresser fingernails




Crossdresser friends are rare but a treasured part of my crossdressing over the years. I have made some special friends that have helped me with my presentation along with my confidence. That has been very rewarding experience and I have benefited greatly from it. I feel an obligation to give something back by passing along some things I have learned or discovered to improve my look. The picture below was taken outside one of my favorite restaurants in the Naples section of Long Beach. I have had the jacket for a year or so but did not wear it out until after I had it tailored. It really makes a big difference when it fits better which, I obsess about. Inexpensive clothes can look much better when tailored to compliment your female shape.

crossdrersser presentation

This last weekend was very enjoyable as I got to see a long-time crossdresser friends Susie. I have not seen for a couple of years because she moved from the area out of state so it’s a trek now to dress in Long Beach.

Susie pictured below opted for a more casual look with denim pants and a casual biker style jacket.

crossdresser friends

Also joining us was crossdresser friends Sherri who was visiting for the weekend and came to the CHIC meeting as my guest. She has very limited experience going out in public, so we planned a fun weekend for her. Friday night she joined Susie and me with two other CHIC member crossdresser friends for a private room dinner at a favorite spot. After her initial exposure Friday night, it was off to Spaghettini Saturday night. It’s a very popular mainstream restaurant in Orange County. It was a very crowded and Sherri did great strolling confidently into the bar while we waited for our room to be ready. There were sixteen of us crossdresser friends, so we had to have a private room called the Board Room.

Crossdresser presentation varies depending on the event you are going to or the restaurant you are dining at. The pictures of me both above and below are very dressy compared many of my other crossdressing friends dining that night. Both the crossdressers in our group as well as many genetic women patrons were also dressed nicely. That sai

d the majority were dressed more like Susie pictured above.

I always over dress because blending in is not my goal and I dress to please myself not others. If I like the way I look it makes me feel good and is worth the effort. The jacket I am wearing was a great find and fit like it was tailored right off the rack. Lucky Me!

Pictured behind me on the right is the private dining room that we had at Spaghettini Saturday night.






Crossdresser perceptions go both ways which is to say how we perceive those we interact with along with how they in turn perceive us. The Friday before our monthly CHIC meeting I went to dinner with my BFF Ashley at a restaurant in Orange County California. Historically we have avoided it for many years because Orange County was a pretty conservative area and we felt uncomfortable going there. We did not really know what the crossdresser perceptions would be with the mainstream clientele conservative or not. We went once before in November, and it went well so we did it again this month.

Photo of Spaghettini - Seal Beach, CA, United States. Welcome to Spaghettini!  We can't wait to serve you.

I arrived by myself via UBER very early and was cheerfully greeted by the hostesses using all the proper pronouns. That is notable in that I always use my male voice when dressed. The hostesses took it all in stride and continued calling me Mam. They offered to seat me early in the area that I had requested on my reservation, but I declined. I sat in the chair pictured lower right side above on a busy Friday night. I got to see the public’s crossdresser perceptions of me. Those who reacted were positive and those who didn’t seemed indifferent going about their business. It’s safe to say everybody notices me because I dress for myself so its way different from casual California lifestyle.

Crossdresser perceptions

Not many women wear a black velvet suit with an embroidered flower on the jacket and high heels on a Friday night. I think their crossdresser perceptions of me was positive regardless of if they approve. I got several compliments on my outfit from women I encountered. Our server was very attentive without being a bother and did not rush us to order or leave after dinner.

Saturday night was the CHIC meeting at one of our regular places in Long Beach and we had a private room, so crossdresser perceptions weren’t possible. I have been there so many times I don’t even think about it because its predictable. The crowd is getting younger as time goes on and they are typically more accepting of crossdressers. Should they have any questions the restaurant owner and his staff know all of us very well and can fill them in on our story. I requested outside dinning because some in our group are very concerned with the Omicron. They moved us inside to a private room. The high for the day was 61 and the low expected in mid 40’s which in Long Beach. That can be very cold being just blocks from the ocean.

Crossdresser perceptions

The picture above was taken in the lounge section of the room we were in Saturday night. My wife has been encouraging me to stop wearing so much black, so I wore brown tones this month.

Crossdressing in public has come a long way over the years and the perception of us has changed to a far more positive one. The other ladies and I of CHIC always try to present the best possible image when out in public for positive crossdresser perceptions.


Have fun!






Crossdresser social clubs were once fairly prevalent but have declined consistently year over year since the heyday of the 1990’s. That said there still seems to be considerable interest in them based on my website clicks. CROSSDRESSER CLUBS ranks # 6 in popularity over the other pages and posts. I am very curious as to why clubs have vanished if there is so much interest in them.


Last Saturday was my crossdresser social club CHIC’s monthly meeting and we had 16 of us attending. That number includes 5 wives who are always part of the fun. We had the whole upstairs floor of the restaurant for the group which was great because there are no time limits on us.

In the picture below I am wearing a navy jacket with a multi white / navy skirt outfit. The jewelry I am wearing was featured in a previous post and was made from two necklaces from Macy’s.


crossdresser jewelry

Crossdresser socializing is what CHIC is all about and some of our outings lend themselves to it better than others. This weekend being upstairs with 6 booths to choose from allowed some to table jump during the evening. That allows for sitting in small intimate groups and socializing until the dinner gets served. Because we have no time constraints it allows for more socializing afterward also. This month we had a new applicant so the upstairs table hoping allowed all of the members and wives an opportunity to meet the prospect. The small group allows others at the table to hear the answers to other questions and formulate their own accordingly.

When dinner concludes we usually have a contingent of members go down to the bar below and mix with the civilians. It’s something I look forward to because we are well accepted, and I have had some very nice conversations there. Crossdresser socializing is not restricted to just other crossdressers. I had to pass this month though because I was not feeling up to it but look forward to next time we go there.


Happy Thanksgiving!







Crossdressing DIVA21 is behind us now and I think the organizers of DIVA Las Vegas did a great job pulling it off after last years was cancelled. I’m not sure about the headcount but there seemed to be quite a few crossdressers there. Even though there were two events going on at the same time DIVA Las Vegas and Wildside there was no conflicts. I think the highlight of both events was the costume party Saturday night where both groups attended together. I attended as a military officer which looked like a general but had Sargent stripes so I’m quite sure.




crossdressers at DIVA21


Crossdressing DIVA21 was different this year because it was changed from Spring to Fall and landed right on the Halloween weekend. I think the most fun I had was sitting at the back bar with the civilians dressed like a general. I got lots of compliments on my costume, but nobody saluted me.




My 1st night crossdressing DIVA21 was Thursday and after shopping in the afternoon I came back to the hotel and changed for dinner. Cleaver & Butchered was the restaurant and they had about 20 of us there. They gave us our own room in the back and the food and service were very good. The only downside was they would only do two checks for 20 people so the girl sitting to my left had to try and decipher who had what and collect the cash for the ten people on our side of the table. The good news was the count came out on the money, so we tipped a bit extra.

I’m still working on my photography skills and made the mistake of having the bar manager take this shot of me wearing a favorite suit. I had to tweak the colors and lighting because the background was too dark to show the suit. The lights in the cabinet behind me confused the camera, I think. The suit is still a favorite and will try again to take a picture with a better background.






The second night of crossdressing DIVA 21 I had dinner with 7 of my CHIC sisters at Giada’s in the Cromwell Hotel. I’ve been there before with good and bad results but, this time they were great. Our waiter was very attentive, and the food was awesome with my friend Tonya getting the fresh made pasta. When I say fresh, I mean like in Italy where they don’t use the dry stuff but make from scratch every day, Tonya loved it.


crossdressers at DIVA21



That night for crossdressing DIVA21 I wore my new snakeskin jacket from Venus over a black sleeveless sweater dress. It was a good choice as a got a lot of compliments on it. Surprisingly it was not uncomfortably hot which, I was concerned about in that the fabric does not breath. I guess having an open front gave it the needed ventilation.

I’m looking forward to the mask mandates ending possibly with the new therapeutics currently going through approvals. Wearing a mask indoors not only is uncomfortable but it really screws up your hair. I solved the makeup \ lipstick smearing issue with my MAC lipstick and my mask basket. Unfortunately, I have not gotten around the mask steaming up glasses and making you face sweaty.

I’ll keep working on that one.

Have fun!!







Crossdresser accessories are where the fun begins for me because I like to experiment. I like to think of my dressing style as classic, but I am also trying new things to see how I like the look. Eyelashes are great crossdresser accessories for putting some glam in your style for the night and my latest discovery I am in love with. I bought my first pack of magnetic eyelashes as an experiment about 9 months ago. I had used the Ardell glue on lashes for decades but never mastered the technique for putting them on. So, I tried some magnetic ones and liked them right away. I did not care for the assortment though because half of them is too radical for my conservative style. About 6 months ago I discovered a 7-set package for around $10.00 on Amazon and a company called GXO BEAUTY. These were great for day to evening crossdresser accessories and thankfully I bought more before they ran out of stock. I don’t know if they will ever be back, so I went on the hunt again.


Not one to wait and see I went back to Amazon searching for a replacement with all one style instead of the assortment. It wasn’t long before I found something even better although a little more expensive with 2 fewer pairs. They are a different crossdresser accessory more on the glamorous side and they look so pretty on. I especially like the way they taper from the inside getting longer as the go to the outside of the eye. The Arishine magnetic lashes


Jewelry accessories are a mainstay of every woman’s closet and are used to define her look for the day. Finding jewelry off the rack for crossdresser accessories can be a challenge. It can be done though with a little work and an imagination. Pictured below are two necklaces I bought on sale along with some needle nose pliers and lobster clasps. My intention was to make a larger necklace to fit me along with a bracelet and some earrings. It takes two of each style necklace in order to have enough links to make all three items.

Crossdresser accessories

I always end up making changes along the way like with the blue and gold set below. I decided to dump the bracelet idea with this project because the links are not very strong. This is sometimes an issue when converting necklaces because they are designed to be worn around the neck. Weight is a concern, so they are sometimes made light to be more comfortable. There isn’t much chance they will snag on something and break. This necklace was designed to look heavy, but the backs are hollowed out to make them lighter. Odds are I would be lucky to get a couple of wearing’s out of it before noticing it fell off somewhere.

I had better luck with the silver necklace below which was heavier material so I could make all three items. The bad news is that the earrings are too heavy, and I will look like Dumbo by the end of the night.

 Crossdresser accessories

I have not made up my mind yet what to do with this set which I am probably not going to wear. Possibly I will just toss it into my jewelry making box and incorporate the links into a future project. I never stop looking for closeout sales on jewelry and can pick some of it up for about $10.00 per necklace. I buy the earring hooks and lobster caws at Michael’s craft store in person or on Amazon online.