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Crossdresser goodbye is something that occurs every day around the world and has been with us forever. I am not trying to be dramatic with this introduction, it’s just that I don’t know any other way to put it. I use the term crossdresser goodbye to address something I have both experienced and observed for many years. When a crossdresser passes away in most cases they just vanish never being heard from again. In my observation their friends are not invited to the funeral. In many cases even made aware of the crossdresser’s passing. I have seen e-mails from people searching for information on a crossdresser who stopped responding to e-mails. They are concerned and reaching out to anyone who might have some information on their friend. Most never know what happened, no crossdresser goodbye just wondering. Being a member of a group or social club where people know each other’s private lives. Especially, if they socialize away from crossdressing makes information more available. I think in the majority of cases the crossdresser simply vanishes, so friends and acquaintances eventually assume they have passed. They deserve better but that’s just the way it is there is no crossdresser goodbye.

Last month I learned of my friend Espy Lopez passed away after a long illness. She was a friend for over 30 years, and I was fortunate to be in the loop of friends who were notified. Espy and I did not have matching tattoos or anything but shared growing up just 6 months apart in Southern California in the 1960’s heyday. In addition to the closeness in age we were both crossdresser’s which created somewhat of a bond. In those days there was no pride, stonewall or anything like today. A guy sharing with another guy that you were a crossdresser created a mutual vulnerability. Both of us were employed in the aerospace industry and would probably lose our jobs if word got out. We met in the early 1990’s when she was assigned to interview me for membership in CHIC where she was a member. We remained friends ever since although seeing less of each other in recent years. It was during that interview when I learned of Espy’s military background of which she was justifiably proud.

crossdresser goodbye

During the interview she shared her service as a U.S. Army Ranger in Vietnam, and I believe she said two tours of duty. I remember seeing a picture of her in uniform on a table in her home. Her uniform was covered with emblems and ribbons I am not familiar with. It was clear that she was an accomplished soldier.

Another of her accomplishments was her company Classic Curves international that has been around for over 30 years. She started with hip/ butt pads to give guys curves. Back then crossdressers were using an electric carving knife borrowed from mom or the wife. They carved up a foam furniture seat pad to make hip pads. When I asked her how she figured it out she explained how she used a computer at work to overlay a male image over a female image. It showed where a guy needed padding and how much. She noted that a woman’s shoulders and hips were close in size. She measured your shoulders which is how she knew what to make for you. At first, she had you come to her shop with your favorite dress so she could custom shape the foam pads to you. Putting on protective gloves taped to her arms along with an industrial breathing filter the process began. She turned on the industrial sanding machine and began to contour the foam pad to your shape with fit checks from time to time. You left with an amazing figure. Ever the inventor she kept thinking of ways to improve the product and gel pads came a year or so later. By now she had progressed to using molds to cast the pads in several sizes which fit most guys just fine. I have one of the first sets of gel molded pads that she made in her shop with another invention she conceived to heat the silicone. It looked like one of the old Igloo coolers common on construction sites which was a galvanized steel barrel. Espy modified it to cook silicone and poured me a set of pads on the spot which, I still have and use today.

If you go to her site Classic Curves International, you will see how her company evolved with more clever products over the years. Espy through her company, products, and outreach to others via phone or at one of the many conventions she did make a wonderful contribution to the Trans community.

She will be remembered fondly by myself and others every time we pad up to go out En Fem for an evening out. Espy was a pioneer in the crossdresser padding industry with her veteran owned American made products.

And so goes my crossdresser goodbye to Espy.

Thanks to all of you who responded with your crossdresser goodbye thoughts for Espy.



Mature crossdresser can be a lot of fun depending on your outlook. Most mature crossdresser’s have more free time and money with the children out of the house. They are better positioned to take advantage of crossdressing opportunities. Sure, your older but you don’t have to look it if you know some tricks to help the illusion along. Gravity is not a friend of the mature crossdresser or, anyone else for that matter but, you don’t have to accept the results. I see crossdresser’s around often who don’t use hip or butt pads so they can wear a smaller skirt or dress. This is a mistake if they have any dream of passing as shown in the photo below.

  mature crossdresser

The figure on the left has no padding while the one on the right is wearing hip pads from Classic Curves International. The one on the right looks more feminine but some mature crossdresser’s have to deal with losing their natural butt also, They need some more padding on the tush so butt pads are an answer.


I use the Leonisa Women’s Moderate Control Padded Shaper 012889 which has padded inserts on the butt cheeks.

mature crossdresser

I bought an extra large to allow for my Classic Curves International gel hip pads. I insert them on either side of my natural hips.

The result is a naturally feminine look to my skirts and dresses along with tight jeans.

No more saggy BUTT!


Once you have created that amazing mature crossdresser tush its time to address that dreaded TURKEY NECK. I did a post last October called CROSSDRESSER FACE TAPE where I talked about a face tape technique. I used the system for over a year and it worked most of the time but the rubber band broke occasionally on the one placed on my temples. I had less success with the one placed on the back of the neck. It came loose a lot when I turned my head.




















I started searching on the internet and found a much better mature crossdressing solution on Amazon. I tried this last weekend in Long Beach and it worked great. The straps below are designed for COVID 19 face masks but work perfect for lifting the face skin. They cost $10.99 for the 45 piece assortment and will probably be a 50 year supply in that they appear very sturdy.

The first night I selected the strap on the far left. I opened the adjuster to the maximum length then cleaned the temple area right under my sideburns with alcohol. Then I coated the area with New Skin liquid bandage letting it dry.

Next I cut a strip of 3M medical tape long enough to cover the temple area I prepared plus 1 inch extra. Then I placed the tape on my temple area letting the extra curl back away from my head. Taking the strap by the end I attached it to the tape on my temple. Then I ran the strap over the top of my head and attached the other temple the same way. Just like wearing headphones.


It worked great all night with the strap staying in place but stretching when I spoke or chewed dinner. One problem with just taping your face is that it typically does not stretch. If it pulls your skin too tight it can blister. Its fun trying to explain the blister in such a strange place to friends and family.

The second night I wrapped a piece of the 3M tape around the ends of the strap to have more surface to tape to. Then I repeated the aforementioned process taping to the tape which again worked great.
















Crossdresser bodies need a little work and some more than others, mine included! Shapeware is needed for many of us in addition to the hips and breast padding to achieve our feminine shape. I have tried most of them and will continue to but, have found one combination that really works great when used together. Honeylove products came to my attention crossdresser bodies need a little work and some more than others, mine included! Shapeware is needed for many of USA while back and was really impressed with their products and great service.

I purchased the high cut panty because like most crossdresser bodies I don’t need the thigh compression. It has a criss cross mid-section to compact the tummy as seen on the black tank. The tank also has the compression front shown above in black and the beige tank. I only included the beige picture to show the length which is not clear on the black.


The combination I use for my crossdresser body starts with my Nude SPANX Thinstinks Girl Shorts.

I purchased them in size 1X so the legs would not be tight but, pads are compressed against my hip. I need the compression because my 20-year-old Classic Curves Gel pads are somewhat heavy compared to the foam ones. The shorts keep them firmly in place all day and night without slipping. I don’t feel the weight of the pads because of the constant light pressure against my body.

Once the pads are adjusted, I put the tank on along with the PALS silicone breast pads from Super Gel Products. Not quite 20 years old but still kicking and you can’t beat the price. I pull the bottom of the tank down all the way then put on the high cut panty. I tuck the tank into the panty which is critical because when tucked in and the panty straps are in place it won’t move. No riding up or down and it feels like a one-piece garment and works no matter how long your torso is.

Because all of the garments are compression they eliminate or minimize bulges everywhere which is great for crossdresser bodies need a little work and some more than others, mine included! Shapeware is needed for many of us . This is the best combination I have found for my crossdresser body and is comfortable to wear. I wore it out in Long Beach in August & September evenings in the high 70’s with no discomfort. The panty and tank are partly made of mesh which undoubtedly helps dissipate the body heat.

You don’t need a bra especially if you order the tank a little tight to hold the breast forms in place. This combination leaves the seams pretty much invisible for a much better look under tight fitting or body con clothes.

My days of tight clothes are behind me, but I have lost a little weight so some old stuff fits again along with the stuff that never did but I kept anyway.

I wore a new long jacket over my midi python skirt for a taller thinner look. The jacket kind of hung on me and I spent most of the night pulling the skirt back up to my waist. The good news is that I have to go shopping in a big way. The bad news is I will have to part with some of my old stuff. I am not good at that part.






Crossdressers typically are slender below even after adding hip pads. I always wear heels at night. Normally 3 1/2 inch heels and rarely 4 inch depending on the occasion.


Ladylike Feminine curves are easy now days because there are many products out there to choose from and of course I have a favorite.

Ladylike Feminine curvesVintage Micki Finn

The Pads

I use gel pads by Classic Curves International made by my old friend Espy Lopez. Gel pads are heavier than the foam pads but are far better and more realistic. They give you that ladylike feminine curve’s and are very durable, and I have had mine of 25 years.

Ladylike Feminine curves

People make the mistake of lifting them up and then thinking they are heavy and will slide down. They think you will need to pull them up all night. I can tell you that I have never had one issue with them moving at all wearing them day and night.


Wearing either Spanx or some other shaper and sometimes panty hose over my pads works best for me. I insert the pads inside positioning them where I want them. Then I wear an all-in-one shaping slip from Magisculpt that has the bra-built in.

Ladylike Feminine curves

I crisscross the straps so that they don’t slide down all night. Turning the garment inside out before putting it on works best. Wearing the pads in my pantyhose I hold the slip upside down and inside out with the bra in front just above my toes. Holding on to the hem I step in and pull it up my legs to about mid-thigh. I then pull the bra portion over the hem making the garment right side in. Using the bra straps to pull it all the way up sliding my arms through them like the picture above. The shaping slip maintains constant horizontal pressure on the pads keeping them exactly where you put them. You can adjust the pads if needed to have a smooth ladylike feminine curve’s. I am not even aware I have them on.

Because the slip extends down your leg to upper thigh and the material is rigid enough that it eliminates your boy bulge up front. That gives you even more ladylike feminine curve’s.

When I wear pants, I just roll up the slip enough to get them on and work the boy bulge problem another way in necessary.

Gel pads are more expensive at about $300.00 a set but if I divide that by 15 years the cost me $20.00 per year.

Check them out I think you will like Espy’s Classic Curves Gel Pads.

Breast Forms

For my breasts I use the tear drop breast form from Supergel Products which are made from a similar gel material to the hip pads. They are very reasonably priced around $100.00 per pair because you are buying from the manufacturer.

Ladylike Feminine curves