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Crossdressing wigs are probably the most important item purchased by men seeking to look like a woman. Selecting the right one for you will make a world of difference when you are out and about in public. It’s not that the correct wig will make you passable it’s that without it you will stand out from the crowd. Even if you pass people will still notice and say BAD WIG!

A good crossdressing wig will compliment your face and many times your overall look. If you are older and have pronounced wrinkles and saggy skin straight wigs can accentuate them. If you are light skinned and wear a dark colored straight wig it will make them more pronounced. Shorter crossdressing wigs are probably the most important item purchased by men seeking to look like a woman. Selecting the right one for you will make a world of difference when you are out and about in public. It’s not that the correct wig will make you passable it’s that without it you will stand out from the crowd. Crossdressing wigs within lighter colors with waves, curls, or feathered styles are more complimentary for older ladies. I fought it for decades but finally made the change once I found the style for me.


Trust me on this one you won’t be the first crossdresser to call a wig store and make an appointment. When buying your wig, it is best to go in dressed as a woman if your makeup is correct. The wig and makeup should be compatible so they will work together making you look your best. If you’re not confident in your makeup go to the appointment as a guy without it. Because at least the wig stylist will be able to see your natural skin tone. They will also help you select the most complimentary wig style for your face shape which is important. Then once you get your makeup correct for your skin tone the crossdressing wigs will work.

If Diva Las Vegas happens this year 10/27 to 11/1 you can accomplish crossdressing wigs and makeup in Las Vegas a lot less awkwardly. The Diva people help with appointments at local stores for those attending the event.

I currently own about 12 crossdressing wigs after giving away about 20 to a women’s cancer charity a couple of years ago. All are in shades that compliment my skin tones and are shorter with one exception. They are all from Godiva’s Secret Wigs and are their own line of wigs. I like the quality, colors, style along with the short time it takes me to style them. I am wearing on called Trixie in the picture below right. The wig was just washed, shaken, then styled with my fingernails.

crossdressing wig


The picture also is a good illustration for a crossdressers wigs selection because of the three different people and styles. Tonya on the left prefers shorter wigs piled high with curls and the dark brown color goes well with her skin tones. Erica in the center is wearing a straight black style and the color matches her natural hair color complimenting her skin tone. Erica got it right where others get it wrong because her long straight style has height and is parted on the side.


The #1 mistake I see all the time with this style is crossdresser’s pull a new wig out of the box and plop it on their head then walk out the door. Out of the box the wig is flat as a pancake and typically parted down the middle. Always give the wig a couple of hard shakes when you take a new wig out of the box. After that gently brush it from front to back a couple of times. You can also use a comb to lift the Perma tease that is located at the base of the hair.


I recommend watching this video from TAZSWIGCLOSET which is where I get a lot of good wig info. She goes through the whole process of opening a new wig. One difference between her and other wig experts I have seen is she wears one every day, so she is a bit more passionate about wigs I feel.

Pictured on the right is me in my Trixie wig. I moved the part to one side which is against the grain (Perma tease) so to speak making the hair stand higher. It also gives a softer look with the hair separating on top. I washed the wig last week letting it dry in the shower then when dry turned it inside out. Placed it in a plastic bag inside one of my purses in the suitcase. I pulled it out in the hotel room, shook it 3 times the combed it from front to back a couple of times then put it on. Then adjusted the part then styled with my nails adding a light spray to keep the part in place and I was off to dinner.

Take your time when choosing crossdresser wigs and get it right the first time.

Questions? contact@mickifinn.com


crossdressing with friends



Crossdresser wife support for your dressing is truly a gift. My wife has always been a great help with my crossdressing even though she chose not to actively participate in the beginning. Wigs, makeup, shoes, outfits and accessories are areas she has helped me with. Most things I willingly accepted but the short wig took decades for me to buy into.


My wig style was pretty much shoulder length through most of my dressing career. Like a caring crossdresser wife support she was constantly suggesting the shorter ones, but I never liked how they looked on me. That changed a couple of years ago when we returned to our hotel from the CHIC Christmas Party. She took off the short wig that she was wearing and asked me to put it on. She wanted to see how it looked on me as it was a complimentary color. I knew what she was up to but put it on anyway. She teased it up a little higher than she wore it and the look on my face said it all. I loved the way it looked but, the wig cap was too small for me. The two wins for her are I now was ready to explore the Micki in short hair concept along with she one the argument. Thank God I listened to my crossdresser wife support.


I was fortunate to discover Godiva’s Secret Wigs online because they are great quality and come in large cap sizes. I have purchased several large cap wigs from them but what I call a short wig they refer to as medium which, refers to the length. The two wigs below come in large cap size but are medium length.

Freedom in Nutmeg F color
Trixie in Creamy Toffee color with roots









For a Traveling T Girl like myself there is a wonderful advantage to these wigs. I pack them in a large zip lock freezer bag with the wig turned inside out. When I arrive at the hotel, I open them up, hold them upside down by the tag and shake hard 3 times. I style them later when I go out with my long fingernails. It only takes a couple of minutes and has cut down my time getting ready.

Crossdreser wife support
Trixie wig Creamy Toast R (with roots)








On trips where my wife accompanies me, her crossdresser wife support comes into play and she takes over on the styling which always looks better than mine but, she has been at it longer.

She has also bought me numerous Betty Boop figures over the years because she knows Betty was my first love as a child.


Crossdresser wife support

Maybe Betty was the influence that made me dress in the 1st place.

If so,

Thanks Betty!




Crossdresser colors you say! What is that? Years ago, I found out quite by chance at California Dreaming a San Francisco crossdressing event. I was wandering around the vendor area looking at all the wares available when I came upon the Donna Fujii Cosmetics booth. There wasn’t much going on during the day in that most everyone was in the city shopping. As I was talking to the lady in the booth she asked if I wanted my colors done. I replied to crossdresser colors. She explained that everyone should know their colors especially crossdressers. 


I sat down in the chair, and she explained the difference between cool colors and warm colors. My skin is medium, and I was wearing a dark brown wig so while my skin says warm my hair said cool. She started with cool and placed a piece of silver metallic cloth on my shoulder and asked me to look at my face especially my makeup.  She then placed a gold metallic cloth on the other shoulder again asking me to look at my makeup. When she then removed the silver cloth it seemed like my makeup changed looking much more complimentary or warmer. She advised switching to warm tones like blond wigs and warm palette colors for makeup.


Clothes such as red really pop when worn with a blond wig.

Crossdresser in red
Micki Finn crossdressed in red jacket.

Finding anybody wearing much color is difficult today women, crossdresser’s or anyone else. Yes, black is slimming but gets old seeing everyone dressed that way.


The most important colors to get right are makeup and hair so if possibly get the makeup right for your skin, then do the wig color and style. The ideal would be to try on wigs dressed in your correct makeup on. Shorter styles are easier to work with because you don’t get distracted with the style and concentrate on the wig color complimenting your makeup. I think you will be surprised pleasantly and please purchase a wig if you take advantage of the Solon’s expertise.

Another possibility is to attend a crossdresser convention / conference where there is a wig stylist exhibiting but again, if at all possible, purchase something from them. Diva Las Vegas this spring should have a wig company working with them.



Short Wigs

For years my wife and others suggested my wearing a short wig for various reasons. I know many CD’s that wear short wigs but never liked them for me. 

A few years  back I purchased short wig from a wig  ostensibly for my wife. The woman dutifully sold me the one I liked in the wrong size and color for me but, then again it was for my wife right? I took it home, tried it on and scared the hell out of myself.

Had I been honest with the sales person and told her I was  a CD she might have suggested something else. Maybe she would have told me that a jet black page boy would show every wrinkle in my pale skin. She might have told me it was too small making me look like a gear shift knob.

Do it right

She would have measured my head for the correct size and chosen a color to compliment my skin tone. She might have talked me into a short wig properly sized and shaped for my head. I was too embarrassed to tell her it was for me back then so I did it the hard way. Also the wig was parted down the middle so the hair covered part of my eyes and the curved ends kept falling in my mouth. I tried again some years later with a color that was better but the style looked like a football helmet on me.








Fast forward 30 years and I found one that I liked so I bought another one in a different color. The style is Freedom by Godiva’s Secret Wigs located in Southern California but they have a website. I am now a confirmed CD wearing a short wig all the time.




What I like about the wig besides the cut is it comes in a large size (23 inch diameter) the length I need. The nape down the back is is about 2.5 inches and there is enough hair on top to style it high. Increased height adds length to my face and gives the appearance of narrowing it. The wig is also their own brand and very good quality. It is the only brand that they sell.