Fingernails are an important part of your feminine illusion but, very few of us can keep your nails long and painted all of the time so artificial nails have to do.


Crossdresser Fingernails

Crossdresser fingernails are an important part of your feminine illusion. Very few of us can keep nails long and painted all of the time so artificial nails have to do. They are readily available online or in drug stores such as Walgreens and other stores.  I get mine from Talon Nails online because they come in larger sizes.

Crossdresser Fingernails

I particularly like the fact that the number which designates the size is molded into the nail. It is at the base instead of the tip. Other nails that I ordered by size number were on the tip which gets trimmed off. A crossdresser fingernail should be reusable, so you don’t have to guess at the size when you reuse them.


The wide ranges in size Talon offers allow me to perfectly match my own nail width for a more natural look. They come either painted or unpainted which is what I use most of the time. That way I can do a French Manicure or a special color I want. Crossdresser fingernails also come extra-long so you can trim them to your desired length.

The longer the nail the thinner your fingers will look but, they are harder to keep on. The length acts like a lever prying them off before you are ready. Car door handles are a big problem in addition to reaching into your purse.

Crossdresser Fingernails


I have found that the most practical length for crossdresser fingernails is about ¼ inch beyond my fingertip. The length is an important part of your feminine illusion.

 I made a gauge to make each nail length is consistent. This allows me to always have a uniform look along with having spares in case I lose one by accident.

Crossdresser Fingernails

The nails can be cut to size using either scissors or the special nail clipper available at beauty supply stores. I recommend the clippers because they have a slot that they nail goes through. It will give a much more uniform cut. Having the nails cut to a uniform size allows you to create spare nails. That way should you lose one and know it will match the other nails.


To help in painting my crossdresser fingernails I made a lazy Susan. Then drilled holes for 1/4-inch dowels for the fingers and 1/2 inch for the thumbs. I sanded them so they are rounded on top to make them fit the underside of the nail. The smaller dowels for the fingers go on the outer edge of the wheel and the larger for thumbs toward the center. Placing two-sided tape or the press on nail tabs on top of the dowel will grip the bottom of the nail so it stays put while you paint. Press the nails firmly onto the dowels and then just rotate the wheel in front of you while you polish.


After two coats of polish followed by a clear topcoat and drying overnight, they are ready to wear.


I tried a crossdresser fingernails process that one of my CHIC sisters uses and it far surpasses my 1970’s era technique. I now use Elegant Touch press on nail tabs instead of my contact cement process.

They are easy to put on and stay on better than my old process. You can leave them on for days at a time then just pry them off when done. The gel tab is easy to get off both your nail and the artificial ones.


The very last thing that you do before you go out after hair makeup, and everything is the nails. To put them on wash your hands then clean the underside of the nail and the top of your nails with alcohol and let dry. I then follow the instructions that come with tabs. I peel the gel tab off the sheet and place it on my nail. I press down on the protection cover tab all over making sure it is firmly attached. Then I pull the protective cover off and press the artificial nail onto the gel tab. I continue to press around the nail making sure it is secure.


To remove the crossdresser fingernails , I pry the nail off with gentle steady pressure using tweezers working around the edges. You can clean the gel residue off your nail by just rubbing your finger over the gel rolling it off the nail. You can use them again by using alcohol to remove any residue.




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