I am a married heterosexual crossdresser ln Long Beach California.  Crossdressing is something I have done  most of my life although the early years were in the closet. I have been making up for it ever since.
Fascination with all things feminine started  age of 5 or 6 even though I did not dress then women who dressed up for church got my attention. So pretty and elegant as they entered the room with clicking high heels and a whiff of perfume. It took years (22) to learn that I was not the only one who felt this way and there was even a name for us, Transvestite.
I have been married to the love of my life for many years and have kids and all that stuff. The kids have not been told and will never be told about Micki. To my knowledge they are not aware of my secret and I will not burden their lives with it.


Micki has no woman trapped in her body and have no intention of ever transitioning into a one. There was a time in my mid twenties when as I was learning more and more about this phenomenon that I figured that would probably end up transitioning. It was not because of any conscious desire but, because after learning about Christine Jorgensen’s sex change.  I figured that as I matured the urge would come to me as it did her like gray hair is inevitable. Thankfully I learned more about crossdressing and that there were many different variations and that one wasn’t for me. I was and am a heterosexual crossdersser thats all!


In the 1970’s the terms I heard were Homosexual, DRAG Queen, Queer, and Transvestite. I never heard the term Crossdresser, Transgender, Transsexual, or Gay until much later in the 1990’s I think. There was no internet then so you had to go across town wearing dark glasses and a glue on mustache parking in an alley.  Then sneaking into the adult book store to buy a DRAG magazine.  Sometimes there were articles or stories where you could glean some information about Transvestites. You never read it in the store walking up to the store clerk with your head down . Only answering his question about the magazine being all you wanted in your deepest possible voice then scooting out the door.
Transvestia and TV Epic came along and hooray! Finally a magazine by for and all about us. I mostly bought TV Epic and that is where I began to learn a lot more the different aspects of Transvestism. That is when I realized that there were other heterosexual crossdresser men many of whom were married with children. Many had  good jobs with no desire to have surgery and live as a woman.
None of the other descriptions were applicable to me because I was never attracted to men.  I liked the way DRAG Queens dressed for the most  part but, they were still men underneath so nothing there. Through the 1970’s and most of the 1980’s I never saw nor spoke to another crossdresser even though I saw some DRAG shows in clubs.


In the late 80’s buying TV Epic at a different store I noticed some business cards displayed on the counter. They were for wig styling and said crossdresser’s welcome. I called, made an appointment  and spoke with a woman who operated out of her converted garage. Wig styling was not an issue for me because I never went anywhere cross dressed. In think the shop was Wig’s by Yolanda but her name was Nancy I believe. It was she who told me about a local crossdressing group that met monthly on the third Saturday of the month. They met at a local Best Western motel. PPOC was the name of the group which stood for Powder Puff’s of Orange County. PPOC had 30 to 50 crossdressers attending each month. She encouraged me to go but, I had to sell my wife on the idea first. I knew that would take some time.


I shared my discovery with my wife but, she was not happy with me going out in public. She tried to discourage me while stressing that my crossdressing was escalating again. She gave in a year or so later and I started attending meetings when my schedule permitted. I became a member a few months later. It was great being with people like myself and I had some nice conversations but, no friendships came out of it. Everyone’s attendance was so sporadic that you might not see someone that you chatted with for months if ever again.


A year or so later I got wind of a convention / conference but, really a party in Texas called the Texas “T” Party. You could dress in fem for a whole week if you had the time. I wanted to go badly and my wife was not as hard to sell this time because she likes to travel. I got us registered and we flew to Texas for a Friday and Saturday adventure in San Antonio.
Nobody left the safety of hotel in those days preferring to socialize, attend workshops, and seminars on crossdressing. I had a great time meeting other heterosexual  crossdressser’s from all over the world and comparing experiences. The most important thing was that my wife enjoyed herself and was willing to go back the following year. She did, we did and as a result met a heterosexual crossdresser  named Ashley who became my best friend or BFF if you will. We have traveled all over the world together with our wives sharing many adventures and good times. We like shopping for girly stuff, sailing, shopping for girly stuff, golf followed by shopping for girly stuff.


It was through Ashley’s encouragement and sponsorship that I joined CHIC or Crossdresser’s Heterosexual Intersocial Club. You must be a heterosexual crossdresser in order to join and wives are encouraged to attend meetings.  I have been an active member for over 25 years. More recently I had the honor of being accepted into another group the Vanity Club for the class of March 2017.
My wife is now very supportive or I should say has grown more supportive over the years.  She occasionally shops for me and is a trusted critic with my best presentation in mind.
Crossdreessing is a wonderful part of my life that I truly enjoy and have made many great friends from the community over the years. It is however just a part, not my whole life. I love golf and traveling these days but, have enjoyed sailing, snow skiing, scuba diving in my life also.

E-MAIL MICKI  info@mickifinn.com



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  1. You are FANTASTIC. This is the first time I have been on your WEBSITE! Can you believe it? I’m not rabid about reading “everything I can get my hands on. In fact I’ve been pretty hands-off after too many disappointments. I Should Have Known Better! Gawd. How dumb can one be. Now I’m going to get off and send you an e-mail. AND, get in touch with Judy again

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