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Cross dressing has always been with me from almost the beginning. Living my life as a heterosexual married  cross dresser I thought about launching a website to help other crossdressers. The site is dedicated it to helping other less experienced cross dresser’s become the beautiful lady they want to be. I want them to  look their best, feel their best, and gain the confidence to go out in public enjoying the experience. I am not talking about being a passable crossdresser though. That is in the eye of the beholder of which I have no control. You can read more of my thoughts on passing in my PASSING CROSSDRESSER  page.


The term cross dresser is my preference because it simply implies that you have crossed over dressing in the other genders clothing. It does not preclude crossing back to your original gender. I am a heterosexual cross dresser comfortable in my body and have no desire to change my sex. Transvestite is a more clinical term and takes you down the psychology road which is boring so I won’t go there. The most popular term these days is sort of an umbrella term Transgender.  I am not fond of it because for the last twenty years I keep hearing different definitions. Trans or Transiting implies a destination which is typically associated with the desire to change sex .
Recently I became aware of the TEA Awards or Transgender Erotica Awards.  It is basically a porn award show. I don’t wish to have part of their label attached to me which is another reason for rejecting the Transgender label.
In the interest of keeping things simple any male who wants to dress like a woman is my goal.  Drag Queen, Transexual, Transgender, Cross dresser,  or transvestite.  Males  wearing makeup and women’s clothing  are my target audience regardless of sexual preference . Hopefully  you find my site both educational, interesting and entertaining.
You won’t find anything  sexual about this site and there are no nude pictures or anything regarding dating. The above stated goal is the focus of this site. 
Because it is my goal to keep this site positive you will not find any political commentary from myself or anyone else here. Hopefully everyone can focus on looking beautiful and leave the rest behind.


You will find techniques of interest to cross dresser’s that I have learned from others in addition to discoveries made on my own. None of the techniques you will find on this site are to be construed as a recommendation in any way shape or form. It is what I do  myself and it is up to you to decide if it works for you. Staring with CROSSDRESSING 101 FOR THE BEGINNER where you can find what you need to get started. From there you can explore more on the site depending on your level of experience. There is a lot on makeup but that is only part of crossdressing.


Cross dressing is an art and a lot more than standing in front of a mirror in a dress. This page  GETTING DRESSED and the ones attached will give you information on cross dressing. From building a feminine silhouette complete with sexy curves to ideas on what to wear. It will take you in the direction of passing as a woman in public if that is your goal. Whether you pull that off will depend on many factors some in your control and some not. The PASSING CROSSDRESSER page will give you my thoughts on passing.


Cross dresser makeup advice is the most sought after information I have experienced over the years. Makeup techniques for crossdressers differ from genetic women because the male face typically has masculine features.  Things like square jaws and beard shadow need to be disguised to make them appear more feminine. Contouring is a great way to hide male features by using darker foundation colors to create the illusion of shadows. They create an illusion with the shape and size of the face. In the makeup pages you will see a lot of information along with some links to professional artists that I have learned from.


There is more to looking like a woman than makeup though and there are pages that deal with the feminine form. They describe padding that give the cross dresser the curves needed to look feminine. In order to look your best you need the proper female proportions. There are guidelines to discover what that is in the FEMININE SHAPE FOR CROSS DRESSERS section. Once you have determined your dress size you will know what padding to buy to accomplish it. This is a very important decision because it is probably the single most expensive investment for crossdressers. If you get the padding correct you will possibly be able to purchase womens clothes off the rack. That will avoid having to have a seamstress alter your clothes. If you can find a good one they are expensive adding to the cost of your clothes.

My Goal

My hope is that you find this information helpful and that you achieve great results that you are happy with. That way you can get cross dressed and confidently go out and have fun. It took me decades to figure out what was not shared with me about cross dressing. I can easily say I spent thousands of dollars invested in the wrong stuff. I wish I had someone who could have told me I look fat! O.K. maybe not fat but my shoulders give me away in that top. It is my gift to you in the hope that it helps you look more feminine. Please share the information or the website address with others to help them along their feminine journey.



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  1. Does a cross dresser ever suggest to their wife what type of apparel to where to bed if they plan to do foreplay and her suggesting to him what to wear?

    1. Hello Gene,

      I have no way to answer your question as most couples don’t share intimate details of their love making.

      Thanks for your comment,


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