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Crossdressed weekends are a favorite with me and I look forward to them all month. The planning never stops along with the shopping which, I do daily. Shopping but not necessarily buying because I don’t always find something I like. My crossdressed weekends are always two nights Friday and Saturday each month. Fridays typically I join with friends for dinner and drinks then Saturday for the monthly CHIC meeting. This month nobody was available Friday so I went to one of my favorite places alone for dinner and drinks.

crossdresser weekend

That sounds lonely but it wasn’t in that I know the owner who hangs out with me part of the time. This trip I also had a conversation with the women seated in front of me when she turned to ask me about Las Vegas. She overheard part of the conversation I had with my friend and thought I was visiting from Las Vegas. It turns out she has a friend who just moved there who is a crossdresser. I recommended her friend attend DIVA Las Vegas for a crossdressed weekend or the whole week. Unfortunately the convention was the end of October so she missed it. 

My crossdressed weekend Saturday night for the CHIC club meeting was at an Italian restaurant in North Long Beach.  I have been there a couple of times before and the food is typically very good. The pretty much all female staff are very gracious and attentive making us feel welcome. The manager was kind enough to take this picture of me after dinner in the bar.


crossdressed weekend

My wife was the inspiration for my crossdressed weekend outfits because she always complains about my lack of colors. Which is to say I wear too much black and not enough colors in my wardrobe. Fridays picture at the top of the page was a brown and cream tweed skirt with a chocolate brown jacket. Saturdays outfit was a Navy Jacket and a vanilla skirt with Navy Blue lined pattern. Of course I had matching pumps and purses for each outfit.

The club Christmas Party is in a little over 3 weeks and my wife will be pleased because there are no black outfits planned for that crossdresser weekend either.


crossdressing in las vegas


  1. Actually going out ‘solo’ has proven to be a lot of fun for me. I can do what I want to do and still enjoy my “Paulette Time”! At Diva LV it was a blast! As my friend Kandi Robbins tells me, “Sometimes too many girls ‘out and about’ draw unwarranted attention to themselves” and I think she may be right! Hugs, Paulette

    1. Thanks Paulette,

      I draw attention unwanted or otherwise because I am dressed different from everybody else. The past Friday night I was the only one wearing a skirt or dress and nylons in the whole place. Also I probably had the highest heels also from what I observed. There were probably 20 women in the bar that night and they all clocked me as soon as I walked in the door. I am sure they quizzed the bartender about me then went back about their business.

      Its comforting to know the owner and have them welcome you which is sort of a tacit approval. I kind of sends a signal of acceptance or legitimacy of me.


  2. Micki you are very lovely. I just wonder do you only wear skirts and tops? What about a nice dress? Hugs and kisses.

    1. Hi Yvette,

      Thank you for your kind compliments.

      I do some dresses and will do a gown next month for our CHIC Club Christmas Party. I will do a post for that weekend just before Christmas.

      The skirts and tops are a transition from my tailored skirt suit days in San Francisco. Not many ladies are dressing that well and things are not good in San Francisco so they are in my closet. The skirts and jackets are a little more casual look than the suit. I always look at the dresses when I shop but haven’t found one that jumps out at me.



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