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Crossdresser butts are something I have never seen discussed on any of the CD sites I frequent so I thought I would take the plunge. Passing as a woman seems to be a goal for many of us and some think they do but not without a butt! Last month I attended the Desert Crossroads event in Palm Springs where I got the chance to meet a few CD’s who were attending also. Some were very accomplished in their makeup skills and made a very good overall impression. I’m betting most thought they had achieved the ultimate goal of passing.


Not without a crossdresser butt which many did not have.

Both men and women check out ladies they see although for different reasons. For the man its conquest and the woman its competition or just plain curiosity. They look at the front as you pass them but what you probably don’t see is them turning to check out your backside. When they don’t see your crossdresser butt, they figure you are either an 8-year-old girl in high heels with great makeup skills or a crossdresser who thinks they pass. The next TELL is the large boobs you bought and admired so lovingly before you went out for the night. A woman with breasts like that are going to have a butt albeit small in some cases but curves are evident. When people see you from behind and instead of curves, they see what looks like a 2 X 6 in a dress and they just made you. In the picture below I pulled the front of the jacket together to emphasize the curves that people see from behind.

I don’t mean to make people think all they need is a crossdresser butt to pass or ridicule anyone. It’s just that there is so much time and effort put into their presentation, and many have the potential to pull it off if they just had a crossdresser butt. The best way to make sure you have a crossdresser butt is to put one on in the 1st place.

Hip pads are available all over the internet, but you get what you pay for so invest wisely. I paid $250.00 for Classic Curves Gel Pads (pictured above) 30 years ago when Espy made them in her garage workshop. At this point if you amortize them over 30 years, they have cost me about $10.00 per year and they still work perfect. I still wear them every time I go out and they give me the crossdresser butt, I need. The 1st thing I put on is my Leonisa shapewear then I position the pads in the correct place where they stay until I remover them. You can see more information about crossdresser butt pads on my CROSSDRESSER FEMALE SHAPE page.


This is one of my favorite pictures and the hand on the hip helps to show the curves. I have all of my skirts altered so they taper down to the knee which further accentuates the feminine shape. You cannot pass without a feminine a*s.

crossdresser butt

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