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My crossdresser connection for last week was a great success which I wrote about in my last post on CROSSDRESSER SOCIALIZING. I joined a group of ladies from the Vanity Club only two of which I knew before the event. By the end of the first night, it was like hanging with my besties from Long Beach. The crossdresser connection was very easy partially because it was a given from the beginning that we had much in common based on the Vanity Club connection. It was also very nice to be able to just flow with the group because the local girls planned everything I just had to opt in or out.

The crossdresser connection began with making reservations at the official event hotel the Tuscany Suites a couple of blocks east of the Flamingo Hotel and the strip. I just used the group code and made the arrangements but arrived at the hotel too late to join the group that night, so I had dinner at the Tuscan Gardens restaurant on the property. I opted to eat at the bar because I was only a party of one and the bartender was very accommodating along with the manager who checked on me several times. I was surprised how good the food was for a hotel restaurant which sometimes is underwhelming. After dinner it was off to the bar which has live entertainment that varies each night like the good old days in Las Vegas. From the start of this crossdresser connection, I was impressed with everyone associated with the hotel which never missed a pronoun and were very warm and went out of their way to serve me.

Crossdresser connections

I was running late the next morning and had the day to myself because nothing with the group was planned until dinner that night. I opted to go shopping as Duke rather than rush getting ready. I was happy I made that choice because shopping was a disappointment, so I was glad I did not scramble to get ready. The crossdresser connection was to start at dinner this night at the same place I ate the night before which was fine because I liked the food and service. The service was even better because the local girls are well known there so it was really like hanging out with the cool chicks from school. They gave us a large round table which was perfect for socializing with my new friend’s and Kelli who I have known for a few years. They were all very warm and interesting people and I felt like I had known them for years.

They had a show arranged for later that evening so after dinner we went via UBER to a show at the Stratosphere Hotel. The show was named ROUGE and is billed as the sexiest show in Las Vegas which I have no doubt is true. That said they really don’t need all that stuff because the acrobatic performances were spectacular. It is not possible for me to do it justice but here is a thought. I never dreamed it was possible for a woman wearing ballet shoes could balance herself on ONE toe standing on a man’s right shoulder while extending her other leg 90 degrees straight out forward. YEAH!

We finished the 1st night of my crossdresser connection back at the hotel bar with different entertainers on the stage.

crossdresser connections

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