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This post is a continuation of my previous one CROSSDRESSER SKIN now that your skin is smooth as a baby butt. OK maybe not that smooth but better than where you started. Hopefully your face looks as youthful as possible, and you are ready for the next step. Some skin areas like around the eyes are very thin and sensitive easily damaged by stretching. The crossdresser facelift is a temporary process to make you look better for that night’s presentation. I use medical grade tape strategically placed to pull the skin back giving a more youthful appearance.

If you lay on your back on the floor face up and hold a mirror to your face gravity will move everything back making you look younger. That is the goal of the crossdresser facelift not to make you look 16 again. Younger is better than young because it won’t damage your skin if done correctly. There are limits to how far you can stretch your skin which I have learned from experience. If pulled too tightly the skins upper layer will tear or blister which is difficult to explain in the days following your crossdresser facelift foray. What may look great in the mirror changes when your face muscles move during expressions like laughing or talking so go slow and experiment. Remember the crossdresser facelift is temporary for a day or night only.

After applying your moisturizing cream all over your face and giving it some time to soak in roughly draw your eyebrow using a pencil or other method. Don’t go crazy at this point you are just looking to identify its location for later.

Now using your finger against your forehead above the eye pupil pull the skin up to arch your brow. You can experiment moving your finger from side to side for a different brow shape.

When you find the right location take a cotton ball soaked in 90% alcohol and gently rub the area from above your eye to your hairline. This removes the oil from your skin.

crossdresser facelift

Next apply a couple of coats of New-Skin to that area to keep perspiration away. This helps keep oil and perspiration from causing your tape to lift.

crossdresser facelift

Give the New-skin a chance to dry and then cut a piece of tape about 4 inches long and place it where your finger was when you formed the arch before.

crossdresser facelift

Now you can gently pull up on the tape to form the desired arch then secure it onto your wig cap or like most of us your receding hairline where hair used to be. This completes the first or upper part of the crossdresser facelift, but you may want to do more taping depending on your skin sagging. You can use the same crossdresser facelift taping process on your temples pulling from the eye towards the ear. Under your jawline just in front of your ear pulling back behind the ear for your Turkey Neck.

Now you have completed the crossdresser facelift and have the best possible face to work with and will get maximum results your makeup. In the next post we will move to the eye makeup steps which are done prior to the rest of the face and I will explain why then.

crossdresser facelift

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