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Before you can venture out into the world you must learn a crossdresser makeup technique. In my previous post CROSSDRESSER FACELIFT, the stage has been set for you to start one of my favorite parts of the crossdressing process.

The crossdresser makeup technique I use has been honed over many years of experimenting along with guidance from older crossdressers. I do things differently than many CD’s and women alike to save time and improve the end result. Instead of starting with foundation all over my face I start with the eyes first. I do this crossdresser makeup technique for several reasons, and all involve avoiding messes.


You need to touch your face when you put your eyelashes on which can smear your foundation and contour powder. By putting your eyelashes on before foundation you can steady your hand using a finger against your face without smearing anything. I start by wiping the area just above my lash line with an alcohol dampened (not wet) Q tip to remove oil from the skin. The next step is to apply the magnetic eyeliner (not glue) as pictured here then the magnetic lashed themselves.


Next the crossdresser makeup technique shifts to the actual eye makeup using concealer. This is where we go back to the eyebrows to establish the final shape.

Using a concealer brush and cream concealer that matches your foundation go around your eyebrow and clean up the lines. This is where my crossdresser makeup technique differs from others. You can spread the concealer up under the arch of your brow forming a more dramatic arch sort of gluing the hair down. You can use the same process above the brow also to create a thinner more feminine eye.


You can now apply your eye shadow using whatever crossdresser makeup technique you like. My eyes are close set, so I only apply shadow to the outside of the eye which makes them look wider. Don’t use any liner on the under eye at this point it is done later in the process.


Now comes the payoff for using this crossdresser makeup technique because it is highly likely that you have eyeshadow speckles on you undereye and cheek areas of your face. If you have put on any mascara and blinked some of that may be on your face also. If you had all of your makeup already on getting the shadow and mascara off would remove some foundation also. You would have to remove it leaving clean spots that you need to attempt to repair which never usually works.

Now you can just use a makeup remover cloth to clean under your eyes and cheeks along with any other areas needing it.

My next post will take you to the foundation prep and primer stage along with the application. The pores will be addressed again to minimize or outright eliminate them from view.

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