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For most people necks are not a big deal and pretty much just give you something to mount your head on. For us though the crossdresser neck is an important part of our presentation. Unlike our face we don’t want to direct much attention to it, but it should not be overlooked.

The crossdresser neck has three areas that need to be addressed for the best presentation and the most prominent is the Adams Apple. It is the indisputable tell that gives you away every time someone notices it. Some of us are blessed with a small one on our crossdresser neck. Those not so lucky will need to use some tricks to minimize it.

The next area of concern for the crossdresser neck is its size which is typically bigger than women’s. A turtleneck sweater in a dark color helps in the cooler months but stands out in summer.

Finally, and not to be confused with the turtleneck is the turkey neck which is the unsightly loose skin on your crossdresser neck under your chin. It can make the Adams Apple more noticeable making your challenge more daunting.

You can cheer up though because there are some tricks you can use to disguise crossdresser neck issues. Much of what we do as crossdressers is creating an illusion of a woman by looking as much like one as possible. Wigs, makeup, padding clothing etc. are the tools that we use to create it.

The first step is the turkey neck which is done with strategically placed 3M Medical Tape.

Take your fingers and gently pull your neck skin straight back away from your face smoothing your neck. Where your fingers are is where your tape will be place then pulled back around your neck and set in place. I wipe the taping area with 90% alcohol to make it hold better and you can also apply New skin if perspiration is a concern. This process might make your Adams Apple more visible, but we will tackle that next.

Regardless of how small your Adams Apple is you will make it look even small or invisible using the makeup contour process we used in my previous post.

The image above is contouring overkill in my view, but I am only concerned with the neck, so it works. The crossdresser neck contour is different from the one above because I use a triangle pattern from the corners of the jaw to just below the Adams Apple. Before going there though I should note that when I used the MAC Face and Body makeup on my face, I extended it all the way down to my chest. It not only gets my crossdresser neck ready to contour but gives my chest a smoother look covering old sun damage.

For this process it’s not important witch comes first the skin-colored foundation or the contour because the blending is not as crucial. If you are going out at night the contour color should match the one you used on your face. You are trying to create a natural looking shadow like when the light is above your face with a shadow under your jaw. For daytime and possibly even at night you might want to use a lighter shadow so experiment if you want.

Make sure your triangle extends and blends into the contouring you did on your jaw previously. Also, if you did not cover the corner of your jaw make sure you do it now. Covering the corner of a squared jaw helps to change face shape to a more feminine oval. Finally, as always blend the lines of the triangle to create the shadow. I typically don’t use the setting spray on my neck because perspiration has not been an issue, but you can if you prefer.

If you are one of an absolute minority that has no visible Adams Apple but are cursed with a large neck my last contour trick will work for you. You won’t need the triangle, but you can contour the sides of your neck from behind your ear down to the collar bone. You can experiment with how far in you want to bring it depending on your goals.

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  1. I have a variety of facelift tabs, but I too have discovered 3M surgical tape is the best way to tighten a neck. It holds better than any of the tabs I have used.

  2. THis has nothing to do with the neck make-up but I need some help.
    I am an older larger guy living up in the boonies and I would enjoy crossdressing but cannot find anyplace for larger women’s clothing for a large guy. I like lingerie most but would like to find some nice street clothing.
    I’ve seen your photos and everyone is dressed to go to large fancy events.
    Have you any advice for buying online besides Janet’s Closet ?

    1. Hi Robert,

      Lane Bryant goes to 32 W.
      Nordstrom goes to 28W 4X
      Avenue goes to 28W

      To give you an idea of what that means a 30W or 4X has these measurements.

      Bust 57″
      Waist 53″
      Hips 59″

      To find your dress size measure your waist and see where that fits on the websites size chart. This will be your starting point for buying a dress. Then measure around your body under your breasts which will give you your BAND size Not your BUST size. If the 30W dress is made with a 57-inch bust but your band is 54 inches you will need breast forms that are 3 inches tall to fill out the dress. Be sure to take into consideration any man boobs you may already have like most of us. It’s the same story with the hips but I don’t think hips come any thicker than 2. 5 inches especially in silicone gel because they would be too heavy and slide down when you walk.

      You can e-mail me with any more questions you have at You can also follow this link to my CROSSDRESSER FEMALE SHAPE page for a more detailed look at sizing.

      Good luck,


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