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Crossdresser wife support for your dressing is truly a gift. My wife has always been a great help with my crossdressing even though she chose not to actively participate in the beginning. Wigs, makeup, shoes, outfits and accessories are areas she has helped me with. Most things I willingly accepted but the short wig took decades for me to buy into.


My wig style was pretty much shoulder length through most of my dressing career. Like a caring crossdresser wife support she was constantly suggesting the shorter ones, but I never liked how they looked on me. That changed a couple of years ago when we returned to our hotel from the CHIC Christmas Party. She took off the short wig that she was wearing and asked me to put it on. She wanted to see how it looked on me as it was a complimentary color. I knew what she was up to but put it on anyway. She teased it up a little higher than she wore it and the look on my face said it all. I loved the way it looked but, the wig cap was too small for me. The two wins for her are I now was ready to explore the Micki in short hair concept along with she one the argument. Thank God I listened to my crossdresser wife support.


I was fortunate to discover Godiva’s Secret Wigs online because they are great quality and come in large cap sizes. I have purchased several large cap wigs from them but what I call a short wig they refer to as medium which, refers to the length. The two wigs below come in large cap size but are medium length.

Freedom in Nutmeg F color
Trixie in Creamy Toffee color with roots









For a Traveling T Girl like myself there is a wonderful advantage to these wigs. I pack them in a large zip lock freezer bag with the wig turned inside out. When I arrive at the hotel, I open them up, hold them upside down by the tag and shake hard 3 times. I style them later when I go out with my long fingernails. It only takes a couple of minutes and has cut down my time getting ready.


Crossdreser wife support
Trixie wig Creamy Toast R (with roots)








On trips where my wife accompanies me, her crossdresser wife support comes into play and she takes over on the styling which always looks better than mine but, she has been at it longer.

She has also bought me numerous Betty Boop figures over the years because she knows Betty was my first love as a child.


Crossdresser wife support


Maybe Betty was the influence that made me dress in the 1st place.

If so,

Thanks Betty!



  1. Hello. My husband is a crossdresser and we have been married for 15 years. I excepted it from the beginning. I would like to connect with other wives in my same position. It can be quite lonely when you have no one to share experiences with.


    1. Hello Joanie. I to an married to a crossdresser, 30 years for us. I began searching for support because there are times I want to talk to someone who can understand and not judge me for accepting this side of my spouse.

  2. I just wanted you to know that I really appreciated you responding to my comment. At this moment, I sure wish I lived in Cali! you folks are lucky. As there is nothing that I know of here like that. Have a great day and thanks again!

  3. Hi. I love your blog and especially that you wrote this post. My wife for me is also a gift. Although she doesn’t really like this whole crossdressing thing, she has understood me and has been very supportive. I value that very much and that makes me love her even more than before.

    1. Hi Naty,

      Thanks for your note and I am glad you are enjoying my site and your wife is supportive.


  4. I am married to a crossdresser and love to help and encourage him. He has been drsing since he was 16. I found out after we had been dating just a few months. I was shucked at first because he was so manly. He was a cobat vet and a police officer so I had no idea. When he told me about it I found I loved him more than I thought I could. This big he man opened up to me. I discovered someone I didnt know exsisted.. He is now retired and spends 90% of the time as a woman. It took many years to help him build the confidence to go in public dressed. I have the neatest girl friend. and best friend. I am Tabatha and she in Brandy

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