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This crossdressing misadventure goes back to around 2002 when three of us decided to check out a new place for a CHIC meeting in Laguna Beach California. The place was in the middle of a very popular beach town right on Pacific Coast Hwy. The plan was for us to meet at the restaurant at 7:00 PM dressed more casual than usual considering the beach environment theme of the restaurant.

I had the longest drive and so I decided to spend the night at the hotel across the street from the restaurant. I also decided it was also time for a couple of new firsts in my crossdressing career, so I ventured out from my house dressed in jeans, a long sleeve blouse, high heel thongs and complete makeup of course. I had never gone out in daylight from home and was petrified I would accidentally push the panic button on my keys setting off the horn and have the whole neighborhood looking.

In the car and down the street then to the freeway not seeing anyone so I’m on my way all is well no crossdressing misadventure yet. The next first was to get my toenails done at a salon one of my friends recommended that was on my way. I found the shop went in and was seated right away. There were about 5 real women in the salon, and one was very chatty, so we talked until I was done. I used my male voice which did not phase her, so I don’t know if she knew, didn’t care, thought I was a woman with a deep voice, or was so hard up for a conversation she would talk with anyone. One thing we were in total agreement on was my beautiful Marlyn Monroe red toenails. They were awesome!

My next first was parking then walking across the Pacific Coast Highway in broad daylight to check into the hotel as Micki Finn. Everything went perfect and once in the room I freshened my makeup and headed off for the restaurant across the street.

Ashley and Jo Ann were already there, and we had a great dinner then after about 1 1/2 hours they both said their goodnights. Huh? I assumed we would have a drink or two as usual but not tonight as they both had things to do. I decided to head back to my hotel remove my makeup, shower change into my Duke clothes and head upstairs to the hotel bar.

All clean and ready to go I changed into my guy clothes but when I went to put my shoes on my blood froze! I officially entered the crossdressing misadventure zone. My guy clothes consisted of a short-sleeved golf shirt and shorts along with rubber guy thongs. Perfect for a summer morning drive home if it weren’t for my beautiful red toenails. Because I got ready at home all I brought with me was makeup wipes. I can’t go to the bar upstairs as a girl because I used them to take my makeup off already. No way am I going upstairs with beautiful red toenails. I thought about going to a 24-hour CVS store to by acetone and cotton balls but chickened out. I could not drive home either, so I needed to come up with something fast.

In a panic I dumped everything out of my shaving kit in search of a solution then decided scrape the polish off with my 3-inch pocketknife. It took about 3 hours sitting in the shower, scraping away but I got it to a point nobody would notice but too late for the upstairs bar, so I went to bed. In the morning after I showered, and my nails looked like the surface of the moon. Cuts, scrapes and gouges all over them so I rubbed some lotion into them making them less noticeable. I had to keep up that process until the natural oils helped out. What was even worse as my nails grew out with half smooth and half gouged making them even more noticeable. In all it took about a year from them to completely grow out.

Needless to say, I never did that one again!

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  1. Having suffered a similar fate I am about to try out some gel toenail ‘sticker’ wraps. If they work half as well as the gel fingernail wraps. I’ll be happy.

  2. Great story! It sounds like something I would do, if I had the nerve to go out in public.

    Thank you for all your stories! Keep ‘em coming!

  3. A very believably common happening 20 years ago. We all (crossdressing sisters) had them. Thanks for sharing this experience. It was very funny.
    Angel Amore

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