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Crossdressing solo

Crossdressing solo might sound depressing to some but life is what you make of it. There are advantages to being by yourself instead of with a group. You are much more approachable when solo if someone wants to ask questions. On the other hand crossdressing solo you are far more likely to blend because you are less noticeable in some cases. I say some cases because the way I dress blending is not an option as you can see below.

For my last night in town I went to yet another place I have not been in Las Vegas. Morton’s Steakhouse is on Flamingo Road just a few blocks east of the Flamingo Hotel. I am no stranger to Morton’s but I have never been to the one in Las Vegas. They were not very crowded for my crossdressing solo outing and I was not rushed so people watching occupied most of my time. From the minute I sat down staff were showering me with service from the warm bread (awesome) and butter to monitoring the level of my Cosmo. The manger actually came over and asked if I was ready for another one and brought it over to me. I am always impressed when I see managers pitching in helping the servers instead of standing around.


For dinner I opted for the 12 ounce Filet Mignon but instead of potatoes I chose the corn souffle which was really good. A potato was my first choice but because they won’t do 1/2 orders the corn souffle was more attractive to me. Steakhouses like this are big on portion size so a baked potato resembles a football and I waste the majority of it.

My crossdresing solo evening was not going to be a late one because of my morning flight so I asked the manager to take a picture of me and left afterward.




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  1. You have definitely have made me a devotee of solo “out and about”. I just wish I could look as classy as you do when I am out in public. And NO, I do not patronize!

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