Mature crossdresser travel is done all the time, and many have gotten comfortable doing it dressed as a woman. Younger crossdressers do it also, but I think it is a bigger mountain for matures to climb.doing it dressed as a woman. Younger crossdressers do it also, but I think it is a bigger mountain for matures to climb because of their upbringing. Those of us who started going out in public dressed in the 1980’s or 90’s remember a different world.




Mature crossdresser traveling to DIVA Las Vegas 2021 or Wildside are already making their travel plans as registration for both events are open. I thought this might be a good time to share some of this mature crossdresser travel tips for young and old. I have been doing it for decades and have come up with some tricks that make life simpler especially as you get older.

Pre pandemic I shipped a trade show container via FedEx Ground with everything Micki needs and the some to spend a couple of days doing girlie stuff. The constant changes during the pandemic opening and closing at the drop of a hat made shipping ahead a problem. If there is nobody to accept the shipment at the now closed hotel, will it get lost in a warehouse or sent back to me. I chose not to risk the round-trip shipping costs. Mature crossdresser traveling is not new to me so. Micki bought two suitcases which meant I could no longer take the kitchen sink with me. Micki flies a lot so doesn’t have to pay luggage fees but am limited to two suitcases. They can’t weigh more than 50 LBS each. So, the sink was out, and I had to get organized for a change.




Over the years I learned to value of minimizing or eliminating risk altogether such as arriving for your crossdresser adventure without your boobs! I purchased good quality plastic storage boxes from Staples and store everything needed for the trip except shoes, wigs, and clothes. Only the items that go on every trip like makeup, under garments and such go in the boxes and are stored in a safe place. When it’s time to pack I just go get the boxes and put the contents in the suitcases.


mature crossdresser travel


I don’t have to worry about missing items because I always inventory them when I return from a trip and replenish as needed. I have already weighed the full suitcases on a previous trip, so each item is assigned to a particular suitcase. The cases typically come in around 48 LBS each just under the limit.

Below is a picture of the smaller suitcase contents ready to be packed. The three colored bags on the left are makeup and lower left are gel breast forms and hip pads. Top center is guy shaving kit in red and handheld mirror in green bag. Guy shoes in bag far right then guy Levi’s sox, undies, sweatshirt and ladies’ jacket in plastic.


mature crossdressing travel




My Mature crossdresser travel solution made Jeff Bezo’s a little richer with the 3 bags on the left and others I purchased from him. The red flatter bag above has all my guy grooming stuff in it and is a different style than the makeup ones. The blue, pink and orange are all the same style bag but have different contents. The colors are strategic because hotels have limited counter space, I only need one at a time.


Mature crossdresser travel requires some organization, so I use the bags one at a time.

1st is blue for eyes and has everything I need to complete the eye makeup process. Including tape for taping that needs to be done in the beginning. You can get the details on my makeup routine on my makeup page. It also has lipstick in it because there was not room in the foundation bag which is done second.


When the eyes are complete, I wipe the under-eye cheekbone area with a makeup remover wipe.  Eye shadow usually accumulates there and needs to be removed.

2nd I replace everything in it and move the blue bag out of the away. I replace it with the pink one to do my foundation and contouring. It has everything I need for the face and a few other miscellaneous items also.

Finally, 3rd the orange bag comes out and typically does not get placed on the counter. Some things like the magnifying mirror have already been installed on the hotel mirror. It must go up 1st thing so I can do my eyelashes in step #1. The main thing I use from the orange bag now is the wig band and hairspray. They don’t take much room on the counter. It also has things like cotton ball, Q tips, makeup remover wipes and other utility items in it.

The last thing I do for my mature crossdresser travel is my nails that have their own bag of a different style. It is located at the desk where I can sit while putting them on.

Other mature crossdresser travel tricks include turning wigs inside out putting them in plastic bags then storing them inside purses. The same goes for jewelry that has been chosen based on the outfit it will be worn with. Labeled accordingly the put in the purse.

My final mature crossdresser travel tip is regardless of where it is going to be packed anything that can leak and make a mess should be in a zip lock bag.

I hope you ladies find these tips helpful.



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