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The hot months are upon us, so summer crossdressing is either less frequent or non-existent for some. In my case I don’t go to all the trouble creating Miss Micki to have my painted face slide off in a tidal wave of perspiration. So, it’s primarily Duke instead of Micki until September when the great relaunch will take place. It’s not that I am anti summer crossdressing but rather it always seems to conflict with the boating, golf, BBQ, and outdoor party invitations that go with the season.

Don’t get me wrong I have done summer crossdressing for many years and found ways to make it workable, but heat seems to bother me more now. Typically, I wore slacks instead of dresses and skirts and always long sleeves regardless of the season.

summer crossdressing

As you know I am not interested in blending in but wearing pants does make me look more in line with women out and about. I also have the advantage of having light hair on my legs so I can trim it down so that it is less noticeable. That is my preferred approach to summer crossdressing because I can get away with skirts and dresses.

I use a Wahl professional barber hair clipper that has attachments to control the length of the hair. Think of beard trimmers that will also work it’s just that most crossdressers don’t have beards to trim.

The clipper above has a sliding length adjustment which will probably remove more hair than you need for summer crossdressing. If you get the one with the clip-on plastic length gage it gives you more options. When I leave my hair about 3/16ths of an inch long on both my arms and legs it is far less noticeable to others especially at night. It also gets back to the normal length in a week or so which avoids anyone getting curious. My wife tells me that I am paranoid because nobody looks at old men’s legs and older men have less hair anyway. That may be true, but I am of the school that if they don’t notice there is nothing to explain. An old crossdresser friend had a great phrase for this “Have you ever tried to get toothpaste back in a tube?”

It’s better they don’t notice!

summer crossdressing

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