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CD’s connecting with each other is a never-ending activity practiced by pretty much all of us. It happens online in various chat groups along with blogger websites and precious few actual social clubs. In my last post CROSSDRESSER CONNECTION I talked about my recent Las Vegas rendezvous with some ladies from the Vanity Club of which I am a member. In addition to meeting new crossdresser friends, I benefited greatly by learning about some of their local resources like the Tuscany Suites Resort. I enjoyed my time there and will be back for more good times on future trips.

Another advantage for this CD’s connecting with the local girls was that they planned a second show for Thursday night at the Westgate LV Resort Hotel after our group dinner. In all of my trips to Las Vegas I have never been to the Westgate, so it was all new ground for me. The show was called Soul of Motown and was incredibly good and the performers were extremely talented. Absolutely nobody was able to sit still with many people dancing to the songs.

We finished the night back at the Tuscany lounge where I was introduced to an eclectic group of people so CD’s connecting, and others were just regular patrons of the lounge. One of the local ladies I was with told me that the lounge was popular with other local girls in town. I truly appreciated being told about this resource where everyone is so welcoming and gracious. No wonder TG Rocktober chose the Tuscany for their event in mid-October every year where CD’s connecting is going on the whole time.

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