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Classic Curves International is going strong and operating as usual despite the loss of its founder Espy Lopez. I spoke with family members who have been running the company while Espy was sick, and they are committed to keeping the company going. That’s great news because all Classic Curves International products are made from the highest quality materials. Better yet everything they sell is %100 made in the United States. That’s important to those of us who wish to buy American instead of China.




I have had Classic Curves International gel hip pads for like 30 years from back when Espy first developed them. I think Espy was the first one to offer her pads in gel along with her original foam pads. Hers are the 1st ones I ever heard of and actually predate the internet I believe. Spanx Girl Shorts are what I use to keep them in place instead of the garment they sell. It allows me to adjust the pads where I want them instead of relying on the garment pockets.




Two criticisms I have heard regarding gel pads is that they are too heavy, but you don’t notice it. Holding them in your hands its noticeable but not when you’re wearing them. This is because wearing the girl short pushed the pad against your hip. That along with a tiny bit of perspiration where they touch your skin which is also not noticeable hold them in place. You are not aware of how much your leg weighs unless you lift it up and the same goes for the pads.

The advantage of using Classic Curves International gel pads over foam pads is that they are very realistic and won’t break down over time. Every time I wash them the old stickiness comes right back. The pads below are mine and have been on many adventures over the years.


They also are tear resistant and mine have scratches but no tears. They have never been in a fire despite how they look. The second criticism is that they are too expensive I originally invested $250.00 for the pads so over 30 years they cost me $8.34 per year. I have no doubt they will last another 30 years. You get what you pay for as the saying goes.

Classic Curves International gel pads are worth every dollar you spend. They are an investment in your crossdresser presentation.







  1. Dear Micki and followers:
    I had the same perception of gel pad weight–too heavy. Certain garments pulled down my gel-filled Veronica. That never happened with my foam padded Veronicas. My most significant problem is when my Gel Veronica, V-4 or 5 (I think) arrived but did not contain instructions similar to the note sheet that arrived with my V-2’s. The gel pads had a cellophane wrap on each side. In the absence of directions to the contrary I removed that coating. To this day I’m not sure if I did the right thing, but the pads got discolored over time. I want to purchase a new one but have to first resolve those questions of gel-pad care and slippage.
    Thanks for all you do, Micki!

    1. Hi Charlize,

      I have never seen a Classic Curves product with anything covering the gel pad. Espy made mine in her garage when she first had the idea and I see no purpose for the plastic. Love My Bubbles uses a plastic sheet to cover their pads because they are made to stick to your body, and you save the plastic for when you take them off and store them. My pads are about 30 years old and have held up very well although they are discolored and look like they survived a fire which is my fault. I don’t use CCI’s garment but place the pads in a shaper, so the black color of the shaper bled into the pads discoloring them. Nobody sees them so it doesn’t bother me. If your pads slid down the garment is too large and not keeping them in place. Before you buy new ones, I would buy a Spanks Girl Short or if you need some butt augmentation the Leonisa short from Macy’s. I have used both and just slide the pad inside the short so the short gives constant pressure pressing the pad against my hip. It’s not easy and takes a bit of work to get them positioned properly but it’s worth it. They never move staying in place all night until I take them off and I am unaware I even have them on.

      Thanks for visiting my site and I am glad you find it helpful.


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