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Crossdresser traveling fun especially when you have back to back outings with friends. I keep looking for ways to make the task easier and a little better organized. In a previous post I showed my three different colored bags for eyes, foundation and misc. It worked pretty well but I was always going back and forth between them which wasted time. I started looking for a way to improve my crossdresser traveling fun experience and hopefully reduce the time to get ready by eliminating some moves. After perusing Amazon (where else) I found a bag that looked promising and bought it.


Crossdresser traveling fun Crossdresser traveling fun



In order to replace my three bags an extra large bag was needed so it holds everything in one place. It eliminated the extra time and steps back and forth retrieving needed items. The left picture is the first level when you open the case with eye shadow in the mesh zippered pockets on top. 3 large pockets just below that then a mesh pocket for large flat items like false eyelashes.

When the zippers below the large flat pocket are opened, they expose the lower portion of the case pictured to the right. I did not use the partition system than came with the case but some plastic boxes instead. That allows me to open them and place on the counter when needed then put back in the case. I am able to do all of my makeup and hair without moving more than one step in either direction which adds to my crossdresser traveling fun.

I am still tweaking how and where everything goes but have reduced my get ready time again by about 45 minutes to an hour.


The small plastic boxes are from Office Depot or Staples and come in many different sizes, but I picked these because they fit well in the case. They fit better when the lids are placed in different directions, so they offset and seat better in the case. It makes mu crossdresser traveling fun by having things close by which shortens my getting ready time.






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