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Crossdresser places are numerous these days, but the term used to only apply to specific venues that catered to us. Today the term could be applicable in far more places than we once would consider using the term. Things have changed so much in the last 20 years that we are welcome most anywhere we choose to go now.

I just came back from another trip to Las Vegas and again stayed at the Palazzo Resort. While you can’t call it a crossdresser place it is none the less very accepting of crossdressers. I am very comfortable there and people actually remember me and many times my favorite cocktail. It probably helps that I am far and away the best dressed woman for miles around! Note that I did not say best looking which would be a stretch, but it isn’t hard accomplish best dressed based on the way people dress these days. I hope that I am making a good impression and representing our community in a positive light. Each of us are after all ambassadors for our crossdressing world every time we are out in public.

This trip I went to a hotel I can add to the list of crossdresser places in Las Vegas. I went to the Mandalay Bay to check out a restaurant and a bar that was of interest to me. The bar was more of interest for reasons you will soon see, and the restaurant was a place to eat. It was called StripSteak and based on the prices I thought it might be pretty good. NOT! I know it’s just me being from that last century, but it had the ambiance of Starbucks and the noise of a political rally. Not what I would recommend as a crossdresser place.

crossdresser place

Service was very good and the drinks potent but the Tomahawk Pork Chop although perfectly cooked lacked flavor. I think they were counting on the Fuji Apple chutney on top to provide the kick never materialized so it was boring.

My goal that night was to check out the Prohibition 1923 Bar at the resort for a possible crossdresser place so, after dinner off I went. One of the things I have learned painfully in my crossdressing adventures is the higher your heel the farther the walk to your destination. This night was no exception beginning with the ride share conspiracy. You might not have noticed but the hotels in Las Vegas make UBER and LIFT drop off places as inconvenient as possible in support of the Taxi Mafia. Halfway through my walk from the UBER drop off point to the restaurant I passed the main hotel entrance. So, I walked twice as far as needed to get there. When I left the restaurant going the 1923 bar was about the same long distance, but the bar was a really cool crossdresser place.

The directions I was given was to go through the casino to the Mandalay Bay Shops which are at the top of the escalator. It seemed like 40 miles, but I got there and no bar, so I asked some girls for directions which they gave. I walked right passed it a few feet and figured something wasn’t right and turned around. I honestly believe I am one of the lucky ones as some people end up in Utah.


crossdresser place
Don’t look like a bar

All you have to do is read the sign!


It’s really cool how you just walk over and push on the bookcase where the finger is pointing, and it opens into the 1923 Speak Easy Bar. Inside is a bar elegantly decorated crossdresser place from the prohibition era that has entertainment some nights.

It was a quiet night with just a few customers but could be a fun destination especially for a Roaring 20’s theme party crossdresser place.

I got to know the hotel better walking back to UBER once again past the main entrance all the way to the UBER pickup point. On a positive point I saw many people all through the hotel that showed little interest in me regardless of their age.

I have to say the Mandalay is an acceptable crossdresser place based on my experience there. It was my first time going to a place I had never been dressed before and other than the walking it was a good experience.

Las Vegas is fun crossdresser place but you always need to use caution and think about what you might experience there. Its best to have a plan and then work that plan. I always use UBER to get around and have them pick me up at my hotel and drop me at the front door of my destination.

It’s not always possible when going to concerts and such but most are in large resorts with ample security around. There have been times when I have needed to walk down the strip sidewalk but take an unpredictable route. I cut in whenever possible to the hotels or resorts that connect to others.

For instance, if at the Cromwell hotel a proven safe crossdresser place going to Harrah’s I walk inside. I go into the Cromwell connecting to the Flamingo another safe crossdresser place. Then across the street small street to the Linq then into Harrah’s. Security cameras are watching me most of the time and casino employees are everywhere. I move quickly and am pretty much gone by the time people figure things out.







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