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Crossdressing with friends is something that I always look forward to. Especially because most all of them are members of my crossdressing club CHIC. Although the ages of members vary the common interests of crossdressing and wives bridge the age gap. Our August regular club meeting had a small turnout due to vacations and the same applied to the Friday night gathering. There were only three of us crossdressing with friends on Friday night, but it was really special. Natasha & Meridith joined me at one of our regular restaurants. What made it special was that although I have known them for many years we were always in a large group. With so many people participating in the conversation it limits what you really learn about people.


crossdressing with fiends


Friday nights crossdressing with friends Natasha and Meridith gave me an opportunity to learn more about them on a personal level. Knowing the restaurant owner pays off because they gave us a great table in the bar area and did not rush us. Besides comparing notes on our crossdressing evolution and other personal experiences growing up were shared. It always fascinates me when you reach the level of trust with crossdresser friends that you feel comfortable sharing your personal life. Sometimes I am very surprised at people’s backgrounds and experiences because I only knew them from crossdressing. That does not give you any indication of who they are the other 29 days of the month.

Crossdressing with friends who present very well in public does not give any clue about their life away from crossdressing. I won’t divulge Natasha’s details but others I have known had very interesting stories. Over the years I have been crossdrerssing with friends who were airline pilots, military officers, surgeons, lawyers, television actors, radio show hosts, policemen, firefighters, scientists, Engineers, construction workers, and teachers just to name a few. What’s remarkable is how similar each of our stories are regardless of where you lived as a child.

This personal interaction with crossdressing friends is what makes belonging to a club so rewarding for myself and the other members. Many of the friendships in CHIC have lasted decades.



crossdressing with friends


  1. Hi Micki,
    I want you to know you are a friend, a hero, and a pioneer that I have identified in our community. This is a short list of people that I admire and do my best to model myself after.
    You inspire me to continue to work on my fashion, makeup, and looks that I have been developing since we have met over a decade ago.
    Your rich current stories and the ones of your past are amazing. Your views are spot on and I think I found that we have more in common than I ever even imagined. We both agree you are among one of our favorite people that we have met in our crossdressing community. I sincerely look forward to many more times to share stories and experiences as the opportunity presents itself. Thank you for inviting us to Friday dinner, The venue is among one of our favorites in Long Beach. Thanks again Micki and if your ever in the area please drop in and see us. Cheers!


    1. Thanks for your kind words they are appreciated very much. People like you have been what keeps CHIC going coming up on 50 years in 2025. I have always valued your friendship and look forward to our get togethers.

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