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Young crossdressers can and should learn from those who came before them. I found a movie on Amazon about a series of letters written in the 1950’s and 1960’s between Female Impersonators.


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 They also called themselves Feminine Mimic’s long before the term Drag Queen existed. young crossdressers might get in trouble for using that term today.


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Actually, some of the performers that were interviewed don’t care to be labeled as Drag Queens. They note the difference between their efforts to be as beautiful and feminine as possible. If not passable at least being as glamorous a look as they could put together.


They were imitating or mimicking females whereas today Drag Queens are more flamboyant with entertainment being the goal of both. All of them had a sense of humor when it came to selecting their names. Young crossdressers might be able to appreciate the difference in styles.


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It is not the label differences that I think young crossdressers will benefit from but what any guy in a dress went through on those days. The movie is based on a box of letters discovered in 2014 in a garage between friends from New York to one in Hollywood. They are dead serious when they say please burn the letter after reading because the content could be very damaging. Big problems were possible for people thought to be Gay in that era and a guy in a dress would qualify as Gay no matter what he said. There is even a statement by one person interviewed where he was told not to turn around with his back to the bar. If the New York police came into the bar and saw, you are facing the room they would arrest you for solicitation of prostitution. Something we do freely today like going out in public dressed as a woman for dinner, drinks, or shopping today. In those days you risked your future even if you were on your way to a party in a private home.  That was pre–Stonewall Riot days so you can see why they got fed up.

Besides fighting for the freedoms, we all enjoy today those gals had to be clever because there was no internet or crossdresser boutiques back then. They had to innovate big time to achieve feminine look. Ever hear of birdseed in a baggy for breast forms? It works but back in those day there was no such thing as a baggy, they weren’t invented yet! An old stocking would have to do. Hip pads used wadding from the sewing section of the department store.

They did an amazing job.



Old and young crossdressers will enjoy the movie.

Click on the picture above for a link to Amazon Prime.



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