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I went to a party a while back hosted by two of my fellow CHIC members in their home, so crossdressing driving was an issue. They lived about 40 miles from where I was staying for the weekend. I decided to rent a hotel room close by rather than drive back to where I was staying after the party. Several things contributed to my decision besides drinking at the party. Depending on when I left fatigue would be a factor and crossdressing driving if I drank a little too much I would be in trouble if stopped. That said I was wearing a red blazer and high heels which would not help my field sobriety test although I would look great.

The big decision was do I get ready then drive to the party dressed or pack everything I need and get ready at the hotel? Knowing it was a virtual certainty that I would leave at least one crucial item behind I opted to get ready then drive to the party. Where the “You’ve come a long way baby” comes in is that I did my crossdressing driving it in broad daylight. Twenty years or so back I would never have considered it but, my confidence has steadily grown over the years.

Crossdressing driving
Micki Finn crossdressed in red jacket.

I wore a black knit skirt with a black vee neck tank under a red one button blazer. Black patent 3 1/2-inch pumps and nude stockings with an oversized black patent purse. I also wore by Godiva’s Secret short blonde wig with roots. After checking the bag of guy stuff, I was taking for the morning after the party 30 times to make sure I had everything I was off. The crossdressing driving down went great toll booths and all and now it was time for another decision. Do I check in to hotel first then go to the party of wait until after the party. Because I could not check into the hotel until 4 PM could be a problem getting to the party on time, so I went to the party first.

After the party I only drank a little, so my crossdressing driving was not going to be an issue so headed for the hotel found a parking place and walked to the front door. I had to stand there waiting for a minute or so because you need either a room key or wait to be buzzed in. They opened the door and welcomed me in saying hello mam can I help you. I replied yes and gave them the name the reservation was under along with a credit card in a fem name. He then asked for me ID and I complied giving him my real DUKE driver’s license. He glanced at them both then returned them saying “sign here sir”. I thought about correcting him, but I thought it was so funny that he switched pronouns without missing a beat. I am never offended by somebody misgendering me because I always use my male voice when dressed.

The next morning, I showered and left as Duke meeting up with two other CHIC members for a round of golf as guys. I think the hotel staff is still looking for the attractive blonde to come downstairs.

Another fun uneventful crossdressing weekend.

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