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Artificial Intelligence is all over the news in recent weeks so will there be such a thing as Crossdresser AI? The answer is yes, and it just happened to me when I typed the first couple of words in this post and suggestions appeared ahead of what I was typing. I’m not that technical but I assume AI has been analyzing what I have written in the past and thinks it knows where I am going. It’s getting more and more accurate as time goes on but does not suggest topics, yet! I figure AI was installed as part of one of the software upgrades but can’t be sure.

I think there is much more to crossdresser AI though and some may be already happening while other things coming down the line. I have written posts about crossdresser connections and the difference today versus 40 years ago when here was no internet. When the crossdresser connection was made in person at a convention or other face to face introduction ending with a hug or handshake you know what you have. A crossdresser with a pulse, healthy body temperature, personality along with the ability to laugh out loud!

The internet is the dominant means of communication for most of us and the younger the person is the more it’s true. Crossdresser AI will come in many forms I believe but the concern is when you connect with someone online you aren’t really meeting anyone. Meeting people is done in person where you form impressions based on seeing, smelling, and hearing. Online you only get what they want you to know and I’m not talking about enhancing photos.

Social media users gave up their contact list and privacy when they signed up for the service. If someone monitors your e-mail conversations and Crossdresser AI is used, can they figure out what you like and dislike. If so, they might have all they need to create the perfect crossdresser connection for you complete with personality, looks, likes and so on. How would you ever know your corresponding with a computer or bot.

Based on the photos you click on and how often you return they know what you like.

Based on your e-mail conversations they know what makes you laugh.

Based on your conversations they know what you like to do. They know what key words or phrases get a reaction out of you.

Now they hit you up on Facebook or whatever with Sheila who has been custom made for you with Elizebeth Taylor’s eyes, on Taylor Swift’s body, with Kim Kardashians chest and Beyonce’s butt. They even have pictures thanks to Photoshop.



I firmly believe future movie stars will be created like this on a computer in a lab complete with AI generated voice. Movies will be made the same way without studios, locations or problematic actors. Thier focus tested creations will have success guaranteed at the box before the movie is even made.

Kinda scary huh?

Thanks, but I think I will make my crossdresser connections the old fashion way and verify authenticity with the old reliable handshake. Maybe Crossdresser AI will force a trend back to more and safer face to face crossdresser connections whether they be at conventions or other means.

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